‘Game of Thrones’: Was Tyrion Watching Jon and Daenerys?


In the season finale of Game of Thrones, some fans were wondering about that scene with Tyrion, when Bran was talking about Jon’s lineage.

This post has spoilers through the Season 7 finale. 

During the scene when Jon and Dany finally hook up, while we’re hearing Bran talk about how Jon’s parents were actually legally married and he has a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne, something odd happened.

One scene seemed to imply that Tyrion was standing outside Dany’s cabin on the boat, watching Jon and Dany have sex.

Is Tyrion a creeper? Is he a peeping tom?

And why did he look so sad standing outside the door?

Peter Dinklage talks about it here. Start watching at about 1:30.

He says:

It’s dangerous, for everybody involved. I’m sure it’s good for both of them…in the moment. But you don’t even get the relief of how beautiful it could be or should be. No it’s just — it’s just not good. But it should be! But it’s not. There’s a long history of romance not ending well on this show.”

So it looks like the answer is yes, Tyrion was watching Dany and Jon. But he wasn’t sad because he was jealous of Dany. He was sad because romance is pretty much doomed in this universe and he thought their love might only end in anguish and hurt.

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