‘Game of Thrones’: What Is Eastwatch? [Plot Refresher]


HBO has announced that the title for Season 7 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones is going to be “Eastwatch.” You may not remember where Eastwatch has been mentioned in the show before or its history, so here’s a refresher.

In the trailer for Episode 5, Jon tells Dany, Davos, Tyrion, and Varys:

Bran saw the Night King and his army marching towards Eastwatch.”

He likely received a note from a raven giving him this disturbing news.

You may not remember, but Eastwatch (also known as Eastwatch-by-the-sea) is a castle on the eastern end of the Wall, located right where the Wall meets the Shivering Sea. This must also be the castle that The Hound saw the White Walkers approaching when he looked into the flames.

It’s been mentioned a few times in the show.

In Season 1, Maester Aemon sends Dareon to Eastwatch to report to Dorcas, who is the head steward there. Jeor Mormont told Jon Snow that four wights were found in the snow near Eastwatch, and they burned them.

In Season 2, Tyrion sends Janos Slynt to Eastwatch.

In Season 3, we learn that there are 19 castles along the Wall. Unfortunately, only three are still manned by the Night’s Watch: Castle Black, Eastwatch, and Shadow Tower.

In Season 5, Stannis advises Jon Snow to appoint Alliser Thorne to be commander of Eastwatch. Jon doesn’t do this, but makes Alliser the new First Ranger instead.

This season, the castle’s already been introduced into the plot. Jon sent the Free Folk warriors to Eastwatch because it was the closest castle to Hardhome, and it needed reinforcements. Tormund was among the Wildlings who went to Eastwatch, which is why we haven’t seen him on the show lately.

It’s concerning to think that Tormund and the others might meet a huge horde of White Walkers before Jon and his army can help them.

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