‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 4: Who Tackled Jamie? [PHOTOS]


There’s a key episode near the end of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4, involving Jamie. Fans are still debating exactly what happened and who was involved in saving him. We’ll be exploring the theories in this article.

There will be spoilers for Season 7 Episode 4, “The Spoils of War,” in this article.

So don’t read on unless you’ve seen this episode. 

At the very end of the episode, Jamie decides to take what is basically a suicide run and try to spear Daenerys while her back is turned and she’s trying to pull a spear out of Drogon’s side. Even Tyrion knows this isn’t a good move. He’s watching his brother from too far away to do anything, and he’s not worried about Dany or Drogon at all. But he knows this might not end well for Jamie.

Drogon sees Jamie’s attempt and tries to kill him with a breath of fire. But someone jumps in and pushes Jamie out of the way before the fire can hit him.

Who was it?

Fans have quite a few theories about the person’s identity. We’ll share those theories and then our guess about who it was, along with photos and screenshots as evidence. First, here’s the scene in question, as shared by someone who saw the leak:

Top Guesses for Who Saved Jamie

Randyll Tarly

Some fans think Randyll might be the one who saved Jamie. He was right there in the thick of the battle and we’re not completely sure what happened to him.


Others think it was Tyrion. He was feeling very conflicted watching all the people he knew being killed by the Dothraki and Drogon, even though it was his side that was winning. He was watching Jamie approach Dany and commented on how it was a really stupid thing to do. But Tyrion is unlikely because he was really far away, and it’s unlikely that he could have gotten to Jamie that quickly.


The other guess is Bronn, since he was manning the weapon and already in the vicinity of where Jamie was headed.

Dickon Tarly

Several fans have pointed out that Dickon is a possibility too, since we already saw him save Jamie once in this battle. However, since he’s wearing a full set of armor, he should be sinking just as fast as Jamie in that last shot, making Dickon a less likely prospect.

It’s worth noting that some fans think the person wasn’t really trying to rescue Jamie, but just kill him a different way by pushing him into the water, where he would quickly sink.

The Most Likely Rescuer Is Bronn

If you rewatch the scene closely and look at photos and screenshots from that moment where Jamie was saved from the fire, it really looks like it was Bronn who did it. These screenshots are from a leaked version shared by a fan who watched the episode. We’ll replace these with higher-resolution photos once they are available.

First, take a look at the man who grabbed Jamie from behind right as Drogon was about to hit him with a fiery blast. This man looks a lot like Bronn. He’s definitely too tall to be Tyrion. On the left side, you can see the fingerless gloves, which Bronn wears:


It looks like he leaped from a white horse that was next to Jamie. If you recall from the earlier scene, Bronn had taken a white horse when he went to find the Scorpion weapon. This is another sign that we’re looking at Bronn.


Some might also make a case for Randyll Tarly since he was also on a white horse. But Randyll wasn’t wearing fingerless gloves, which you can see in the first photo. Here’s a scene with Randyll and Jamie from earlier:


An interesting note… Although it seems like these two should really be engulfed by flames too, it seems like they just miss the fiery blast.


Sadly, it appears like their horses did not miss the blast:


Here’s the horse that Bronn looked at after he dodged the flame earlier. This is likely the same horse in the scenes where someone saved Jamie:


And here we see two people falling into the water, with Jamie sinking much faster. So they both escaped the flames, but it’s debatable whether or not they lived.


If it was really Bronn who saved Jamie, that’s a big step for Bronn. This is a big change in Bronn’s character and indicates just how much he has grown to care for Jamie during all their time traveling and fighting together.