‘Game of Thrones’: Who Tried to Kill Bran? [Top Theories]


During Season 7 Episode 4, a question comes up that we haven’t thought about in a long time. Who tried to kill Bran Stark? Read on for the top theories about what happened.

Minor spoilers for Season 7 Episode 4 below. 

When Littlefinger and Bran are talking in Episode 4, they discuss the history of the Valyrian steel dagger and the assassination attempt on Bran. A catspaw assassin was hired to try to kill Bran. But why, Sansa muses, would this assassin have had the dagger? It must mean that someone rich wanted him dead.

There are several theories about who wanted to kill Bran. The leading theories right now are either the Lannisters (namely Cersei) or Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger. Varys is also a possibility, but he’s not figuring too high in the theories right now.

Cersei is the obvious choice. We’ve seen what lengths she would go to in order to protect herself or those she cares about. In an attempt to protect herself and Tommen, she blew up the Sept and many innocent people. So there’s no reason to believe she wouldn’t hire someone to kill Bran in order to protect her and Jamie’s secret. (Jamie pushed Bran out the window, so they definitely didn’t care at all about hurting the Starks.) And if Littlefinger had lost the dagger in a bet to Tyrion or Robert Baratheon (depending on who you believe), then it’s certainly plausible that Cersei could have gotten her hands on it later.

Although this is the obvious theory, there’s also another one that competes with it: Littlefinger. As Bran reminded him in Episode 4, Littlefinger once said “Chaos is a ladder.” He once owned the dagger, supposedly lost it in a bet, and then got it again from Ned. But what if he never lost it and, instead, gave it to the assassin?

We know that Littlefinger was trying to sow chaos for a long time, and it was the assassination attempt on Bran that ultimately led to the War of the Five Kings that he was trying to start. Through the chaos, Littlefinger has been able to rise in his rank and gain more and more power.

Remember: It was Littlefinger who told Lysa to poison Jon Arryn’s wine and write a letter to Cat saying the Lannisters did it. He started a conflict even then (and later killed Lysa — the only one who knew what he did.) Of course he would try to further that conflict through Bran. He certainly wasn’t opposed to betraying the Starks if it furthered his own purpose.

Littlefinger even seems to try to excuse his actions in S07E04 when he tells Bran that the dagger made Bran what he is today.

What do you think? Did Littlefinger hire the assassin or did Cersei? Or was it someone else? Let us know in the comments below.