‘Game of Thrones’: Why Does Arya Hate Sansa?


Doesn’t Arya seem to have just a little too much hatred toward Sansa? The exchange between the two sisters in Season 7 Episode 5 in Game of Thrones was really intense. Here are fans’ interpretation and ideas about what was happening.

First, Sansa is not on Arya’s kill list. At least not yet. But boy was that scene between them intense. Arya never had any respect for Sansa’s desire to be queen. They were night and day growing up. Sansa loved the finer things of life, she loved the idea of being princess. Meanwhile, Arya was more of a “tomboy” type who eventually turned into a killer assassin. Arya was the rebel. Sansa was not. Sansa wanted to be a lady and Arya couldn’t understand that. Sansa couldn’t understand Arya’s desire to “play with swords.”

But Sansa has her own skills. She’s shrewd and she makes a good leader. As a team they would be a formidable match. But it seems like Arya doesn’t want that.

And it seems like their problems go beyond regular ol’ sibling rivalry.

While Sansa seems to be appreciating Arya’s gifts, Arya doesn’t seem to be appreciating Sansa’s gifts at all. And she’s truly doubting Sansa’s motives.

Ned told the two sisters in the book A Game of Thrones:

You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you…”

But will Arya remember that? Ned once explained to Arya why Sansa acted like she did and Arya said, “I don’t hate her, not really.”

But does she still feel this way?

If anything, Arya seems to have a lot of disdain for Sansa. But the truth is, Arya likely wouldn’t have survived in Sansa’s place and Sansa wouldn’t have survived in Arya’s place. And they both need each other to survive now.

It seems that Arya does have some bitter feelings for Sansa right now, but there’s not a very good reason for her to be feeling this way. Fans are hoping it’s just a leadership disagreement and Arya will eventually come to realize that Sansa has a lot to offer, just like Sansa is realizing about Arya.

But Arya needs to figure this out before she falls for Littlefinger’s plan.

What do you think is the reason Arya seems to hate Sansa? Let us know in the comments below.