Glen Campbell’s Ex-Wives: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Glen Campbell was married four times, but the fourth time was a charm for him. Although his marriages before didn’t work out, including a highly publicized relationship with Tanya Tucker in the early 1980s, things were smooth sailing with Kim Campbell. The Rhinestone Cowboy leaves behind a large family who will miss him dearly.

Learn all about Glen’s relationships below.

1. Glen Was Only 17 When He Married His First Wife, Diane Kirk, 15

Glen Campbell and Diane Kirk were married in 1954. He was only 17 when they married, and Diane was 15 and pregnant, People reported.

Before they divorced in 1959 they had one child, Debbie Campbell. Glen said he married her because he believed in taking responsibility. Their first child died as an infant, but they had a second daughter, Debby, who later married an Air Force MP. Glen’s first divorce was amicable.

2. Glen and Billie Jean Nunley Were Married for 16 Years, and He Said She Never Liked His Most Popular Songs

GettyCountry singer Glen Campbell playing the guitar for two young fans in 1970. He was married to Billie Jean Nunley during this time period. 

Glen and Billie Jean Nunley were married in 1959 and had three children. Billie Jean was a beautician from Carlsbad, New Mexico. They were married for 16 years before they divorced, and People reported back in 1976 that it was Billie who asked Glen to leave. They had three children, Kelli, Travis, and Kane, who were 14, 10, and 7 at the time of their divorce.

Glen said at the time that Billie didn’t like his choice in music, including his popular “Rhinestone Cowboy,” People reported. “That song’s no good,” he said, recalling her opinions about his songs. “That isn’t the kind of song I like.” They filed for divorce in 1975 and the divorce was finalized in 1976.

3. Glen and Sarah Barg Were Married After She Divorced His Friend, Mac Davis

Glen and Sarah Barg Davis were married in September 1976. Glen told People at the time that he was immediately attracted to Sarah. “I can’t be alone,” he said. “We’re going to get married as  soon as all the papers are in.”

Sarah was the ex-wife of country singer Mac Davis. But Glen said he didn’t break up their marriage, and Mac was actually his friend, he told People. He said that he doesn’t go after other people’s wives. He first met Sarah when he went with a date to Mac and Sarah’s for dinner. He didn’t start dating Sarah until after she left Mac, which he found out about from Mac while they were playing golf. “I don’t know what their problem was and don’t want to know, but that marriage was over,” he told People. She was 24 when they were married.

Glen and Sarah had one child, Dillon, who was born just three weeks before they divorced in 1980.

4. Glen and Tanya Tucker Had a Much-Publicized Relationship in the Early 1980s

In the 1980s, Glen had a relationship with country singer Tanya Tucker. It was highly publicized and the source of many tabloid stories at the time. They recorded several songs together but were never married. One of their most popular songs was Dream Lover.

Glen loved dating someone in the same business at first, People reported.  “I’m dating one of the finest female talents that God lets draw breath.” On her 22nd birthday, he threw her a $57,000 birthday party and invested in a boutique for her to run. But their relationship was also dramatic. In April 1981 he cut her from a British Isles tour, but they later reconciled. A month later, he went on a blind date with Kim and the rest was history.

5. Glen and Kimberly Campbell Were Married Since 1982

GettyKim Campbell and Glen Campbell attend the 2012 CMT Music awards.

In 1982, Glen married his fourth wife, Kimberly. He was 46 when they were married, and Kim was 24. They started out in Phoenix. Kim was a dancer when they married and the same age as Tanya Tucker. People described their life as peaceful, saying they played lawn darts and he often floated down the Salt River in an inner tube, with a six pack. “I pray this is it,” he said about his marriage to Kim. “I believe it is.” He described their relationship as far more peaceful than the one he had with Tanya.

They were still married when he passed away. They thad three children together. In 2014, Kimberly had to move Glen to an Alzheimer’s care facility. He had publicly announced his condition in 2011.

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