Jamie Memes: Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Tweets & Reactions [S07E04]


Wow. Jamie was absolutely amazing — and pretty shocking — in Game of Thrones tonight. Join us as fans debrief with memes about what happened in Season 7 Episode 4.

This post has spoilers through the end of Season 7 Episode 4. 

Jamie is quite the commander. Even with a Dothraki army and a dragon heading toward him with fiery breath, he doesn’t leave. He stays with his army, even in what is most likely going to be terrible defeat.

In fact, many fans were thinking the same thing:

When the dragon entered the scene… Wow.

But then there was that moment… That moment when Drogon was on the ground and Daenerys was trying to pull a spear out of him.

Jamie thought it was a good idea to try to kill Dany, charging at the dragon with a spear.

Maybe he thought Drogon would be distracted by the pain. Maybe he thought they wouldn’t realize until it was too late. Maybe he thought he could kill Dany from behind just like he did her dad, the Mad King Aerys.

Or maybe he just figured this was his only shot at ending the war and even if it was a suicide mission, he had to take it.

Some people have no sympathy for Jamie’s decision:

Well… You have to give him points for trying.

But it didn’t end up well.

If Bronn saved his life… Jamie really needs to give him that castle:

And now we have no idea if Jamie is going to live or die. Maybe they all lived?