Jon & Daenerys: Best Memes About the Game of Thrones Finale


In the Game of Thrones finale, fans finally got what they’ve been wanting: Jon and Daenerys are now officially a couple. These are the best memes being shared across social media about the long-awaited pairing.

Minor spoilers for the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. 

When Jon came to Dany’s room and we could hear Bran talking about how in love Jon’s parents were, implying that Jon and Dany are now also in love… Let’s just hope their story ends a little happier.

Dany said she couldn’t have children, but Jon is pretty pragmatic. He reminded her that the “prophecy” came from the woman who killed Drogo. How reliable could she be?

But then it looked like Tyrion was right outside the door, and that was kind of weird.

Now maybe we can have more awkward Bran moments! He hasn’t said anything awkward to Jon yet.

Well, some people thought Bran’s voiceover was weird enough as it was.

And yeah, it’s really weird that Dany is technically Jon’s aunt. But it’s the Targaryen way, apparently…

But we’re disgusted with Jamie and Cersei, so why are fans OK this time?

But some people are having a tough time being too happy about Jon and Dany while they’re busy being worried about Tormund.

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