Are Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke Dating?


Jon Snow and Daenerys may have a lot of chemistry on screen, but off screen Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke are just good friends. In fact, Clarke is very close friends with Harington’s girlfriend, Rose Leslie.

Harington is in a committed relationship with Leslie, who played Ygritte on Game of Thrones, Jon Snow’s previous love interest before her character died in a heartbreaking scene.

GettyLeslie and Harington.

Fans absolutely love knowing that Ygritte and Jon found their happy ending in real life. And Harington and Leslie are absolutely adorable together.

A rumor was circulating about a month ago that Harington and Leslie, both 30, had gotten engaged. Fans were really excited about the news, but it turned out that the rumor — started by Life & Style Magazinewasn’t true. Life & Style had a detailed story, claiming that Harington had cooked Rose a candlelit dinner and proposed, and she cried and said yes. They even went into details about what their wedding would be like.

Only, it turns out that it wasn’t true. Harington’s representative later debunked the whole thing. But Harington and Rose are still very much in love. They started dating in 2012 but tried to keep it a secret until they finally went public in 2016. And while they may not be engaged, they are living together, People reported. Harington told the Late Late Show that he was incredibly happy to have moved in with his best friend. When Rose moved into his house, Harington said he told her that she could make any changes she wanted, because the home was now just as much hers as it was his.

Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke is not known to be dating anyone at the moment. Clarke, 30, has said that her hectic schedule makes it difficult to date, but she still believes she’ll find the right person. She told  The Sun in May 2016, “I’m soppy, and I do like to believe that when the right person comes along, it will work, because you want to make it work.”

She’s dated a few people you may recognize. She and Seth MacFarlane began dating in 2012 but only dated a year because of long distance. She and James Franco were seen together in 2013 and looked quite friendly, according to Page Six, but nothing was confirmed. Page Six also said that she and Cory Michael Smith were seen holding hands in March 2014. And later in 2014, she briefly dated Terminator Genisys costar Jai Courtney.

Although she may not be dating anyone at the moment, she’s a big fan of Harington and Leslie’s relationship. She once told Entertainment Tonight about Harington and Leslie:

My goodness! You know, we like to spread the love on our show. It’s a beautiful thing. She’s one of my best friends, so it’s good.

And fans are still excited about any possibility between Jon Snow and Daenerys.