Is Lauren Jauregui Dating Ty Dolla $ign?

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Twitter Ty and Lauren.

Last summer, Lauren Jauregui and Ty Dolla $ign collaborated on Fifth Harmony’s single, “Work From Home”. Now, the two might just be an item.

When 5H was interviewed recently on Dan Wooten’s The Bizarre Life podcast, Jauregui was asked whether she was dating Ty. She didn’t give a direct answer, but said:

Is it true? Umm…I mean, no. We’re just, you know what I mean, we’re just vibing. We’re just vibing. I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about that.

Though her answer seems inconclusive, the two have appeared on one another’s social media accounts, further fueling the rumors.

According to Hollywood Life, dating rumors first surfaced in April, when Lauren was caught on video at Ty’s birtday party.

Since then, Ty and Lauren have continued to hang out. Ty has a daughter, Jailynn Griffin, who’s a huge 5H fan. Speaking to Billboard recently about why he decided to collaborate with the girl band, Ty said, “It’s my daughter’s favorite band [Fifth Harmony] When the opportunity came I was like, finally, I get a chance to make a song my daughter can play.”

In April, Ty’s ex-girlfriend, Alicia Bella, tweeted and deleted a post that claimed the rapper cheated on her with a member of Fifth Harmony, according to After that, fans become more convinced than ever that Ty and Lauren are a thing.

Neither Ty nor Lauren has commented on the nature of their relationship, but based on social media pics alone, it’s pretty obvious the two are close friends, and potentially more.

Lauren, 21, came out as bisexual in November 2016 in an open letter to Donald Trump voters. Not long after, outlets reported that she’d started dating a friend named Lucy Vives. states that their relationship ended around March, which is not long before rumors of Lauren and Ty getting together started to spread.

Tonight, at the 2017 VMAs, Fifth Harmony will take the stage to perform their new hit single, Down. The girls have said they’re “extremely excited” and that this is “definitely one of the biggest moments of our careers.” Fifth Harmony released their first album without former bandmate Camila Cabello on Friday.

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