Is Logan Paul Dating Anyone? Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Getty Logan Paul attends "The Thinning" Meet & Greet on October 8, 2016.

It seems like Logan Paul is everywhere these days. The Youtube celebrity first rose to fame on Vine, before parlaying his rambunctious comedy into television, films, and legitimate celebrity status.

This pastvSunday, his brother Jake hosted Teen Fest, a festival leading up the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, while Paul was one of the show’s presenters. He was up for a few of awards as well, with nominations for Choice Male Web Star, Choice Comedy Web Star and Choice Youtuber.

So does Paul have a girlfriend or is he focusing more on his career than his love life? Well, the answer is more complicated than one might think.

This past July, Paul, 22, was photographed cozying up to television actress Chloe Bennet in Hawaii. They were even seen hugging and kissing in public, according to J-14, and fans naturally assumed this meant they were boyfriend and girlfriend. One user even set up an Instagram account under the name “teamchlogan.” Paul promptly took to YouTube, however, to set the record straight (somewhat) on their relationship.

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“As you guys know, yesterday was the Fourth of July. Some things happened off the vlog, which I’m going to explain shortly,” he explained, “If you haven’t heard already, there’s something I feel I should address. And it involves that girl right there.” Bennet is sitting next to him in the video.

“Here’s the gist of what happened. Alright so we woke up today – this is bad – we were plastered all over the internet with pictures… I kind of have to address it, Logang,” addressing his fanbase. “I’m very transparent with you guys. Chloe and I are friends, for sure. In my opinion, friends sometimes make-out, touch butts.”

“I kiss all of my friends,” said Bennet, 25, whose acting credits include Nashville and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“It’s kind of awkward because this puts us in a position where you’re maybe forced to label what this is – but we don’t know what it is.” Paul explained, “Like we did the movie Valley Girl together. That’s where we first met, and like Chloe’s like – normally she sucks. But today and this whole trip, she’s kind of being cool.”

“Long story short – is Chlogan real?” Paul concludes, “I don’t know. She doesn’t know. Know one knows.” So while no one may know for sure what to label their relationship, rumors involving Paul and Bennet’s relationship continue to swirl.