Mohamed Jbali & Danielle Mullins Divorce on ’90 Day Fiance’

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A few years ago, 90 Day Fiance cast member Danielle Mullins met Mohamed JBali online and the two began dating. Eventually, JBali moved to the United States and married Mullins, but Mullins said they only consummated their marriage once. As Mullins was hiding financial issues, more and more problems plagued the couple and JBali left her. Mullins’ family voiced many times that they felt JBali used her just to get his green card and Mullins finally came to that conclusion as well, so she decided to file for an annulment. With an annulment, as opposed to a divorce, JBali had a much higher chance of being deported. Unfortunately for Mullins, it looks like an annulment was not granted and that the ex-couple had to get a divorce. JBali and Mullins were granted their divorce in March 2017 and JBali was made aware that their split could result in him being deported. For now, however, JBali still remains in the United States, as Mullins revealed to Radar Online:

He has not been deported, it takes years before someone is deported … I’m submitting evidence to immigration because I feel he used me for a green card. I’m going to do what I can to get him deported.

According to JBali, it won’t be necessary to deport him, as In Touch Weekly reports him stating:

I’m going to cancel the green card and go back to my country as quickly as possible. It’s my decision to leave. If there were no TV show my marriage could be much better.

Mullins says that she’s in another long-distance relationship with someone who lives approximately six hours away from where she resides.

When the ex-couple’s divorce was granted, JBali took to Facebook and appeared in a live video to talk about it, saying:

I did not talk to Danielle, all I know is I got my divorce. She had a lawyer talking for her. The judge said it’s done and that we’re divorced. They asked if I want a divorce or annulment, I said it’s the same for me. I got my divorce without fighting. We just got a divorce without going through the details. We agreed to pay the bills we have together.

Recently, JBali has disappeared from social media and viewers are wondering if he has returned to his home country Tunisia. According to Blasting News, this is exactly what JBali has done … returned to his country.

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