Noah Lee Ritter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Noah Lee Ritter, Stella Ritter, John Ritter Daughter, John Ritter Son, John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck Daughter, Amy Yasbeck Daughter


When John Ritter was just 54 years old, he died of an undiagnosed aortic dissection on his daughter Stella’s fifth birthday. In recent years, Ritter’s daughter appears to have been making moves to transition into becoming male and has been going by his new name, Noah Lee Ritter. Get to know more about Noah Lee Ritter, his family and his career in our 5 Fast Facts.

1. His Social Media Profiles Are Private

There are little photos of Noah Lee Ritter available online in recent years and just a couple days ago, it appears that he made another move to help with his privacy. Yesterday, the same day news of Ritter’s transition broke out in the media, Ritter changed his Facebook profile photo to a picture of a ferret licking its lips. There are only two other photos of Ritter on his Facebook account and the earliest one is from October 28, 2015.

As for Ritter’s other social media accounts, his Twitter page’s tweets are protected from public view and his Instagram account is set to private.

2. Ritter Was Amy Yasbeck and John Ritter’s Only Child

Noah Lee Ritter was born on September 11, 1998 and was the only child of John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck, though Dad John had children from a previous relationship. Yasbeck and John Ritter met on the set of the movie Problem Child in 1996 and married in 1999. Sadly, Yasbeck was left a widow with her husband’s unexpected passing. Since his death, Yasbeck recently moved on with lawyer boyfriend Michael Plonsker, as reported by Live Ramp Up. The couple reportedly met as Yasbeck was issuing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of her late husband, John Ritter. Plonsker was her lawyer, according to FrostSnow.

Ritter is also the grandchild of actors Tex Ritter and Dorothy Fay.

3. The Transition for Ritter Reportedly Started When He Turned 18 Years Old

Noah Lee Ritter, Stella Ritter, John Ritter Daughter, John Ritter Son, John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck Daughter, Amy Yasbeck Daughter


A reported insider told Radar Online that Ritter’s transition from female to male is underway and started around September 2016, when Ritter turned 18 years old. Noah Lee Ritter’s Twitter profile tagline reads that he is, “a high school student babbling into a twitter account, just as confused as you are if not more.”

4. He Has Several Half-Siblings

Noah Lee Ritter is the half-sibling of Jason Ritter, Carly Ritter and Tyler Ritter. Carly Ritter is an actress who attended Vassar College and she is the middle sister of Jason Ritter and Tyler Ritter. Jason and Tyler went to good colleges as well, with Tyler attending UPenn and Jason going to NYU. Both Jason and Tyler have also gotten into acting, with Jason probably being the most famous of the siblings. Tyler has been on many TV shows, but is most known for his roles on Arrow and The McCarthys. As for Jason, he has appeared on countless television shows and in several movies as well. His most notable projects include Tales of Titans, Girls, Gravity Falls, Drunk History, Parenthood and Freddy vs. Jason.

Carly, Tyler and Jason’s mother is actress Nancy Morgan, who was married to John Ritter from 1977 – 1996, before divorcing. Movies that Morgan is known for, according to IMDb, include Lucky Luke (1991), Grand Theft Auto (1977) and Always Worthy (2015).

5. Noah Lee Ritter Is an Actor and Composer

Hannah Lost Her Smile TrailerFrom the Animation Studio that brought you Mr. Raindrop and The Namazu. Starring the voice of Stella Ritter in "Hannah Lost her Smile", a children's animated short created by the animator Dani Bowman of Power Light Animation Studios. Cast: -Hannah——-Stella Ritter -Narrator/Oliver——–Benjamin Roberts -Steve the Toy Guy——– Johnathan C. Cornjon -TV Announcer——–Dani Bowman -Dani Bowman:…2013-07-18T21:19:02.000Z

Under his birth name, Stella, Noah Lee Ritter has an IMDb page, which gives him the titles of actor and composer. According to the profile, Ritter is known for The Namazu (2012), This Is My Friend (2007) and Hannah Lost Her Smile (2013). The Namazu is a short animated piece in which Ritter plays the role of Dani. Hannah Lost Her Smile is another animated short, with Ritter using his voice for the part of Hannah. The trailer for the short is in the above video clip.

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Shawn Rodriguez
Shawn Rodriguez
3 months ago

What a shame, she was so gorgeous. You have to wonder what the mental disconnection is with these people.

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