Is Normani Kordei Dating Kendrick Sampson?

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Tonight, Fifth Harmony will be performing their new hit single “Down” for the first time, and as Normani Kordei belts out the song, fans will undoubtedly be wondering about her relationship status. Is she single? Married? And what are these rumors we hear about her and Kendrick Sampson?

Here’s what we know:

According to Hollywood Life, Normani and Kendrick were getting flirty at Variety’s “Power of Young Hollywood” party in LA on August 8.

Sampson, 29, is an actor best known for playing Caleb Hapstall in How to Get Away with Murder. He’s also acted in Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.

After the party, an insider shared with Hollywood Life, “Normani was flirting with Kendrick at the party and though they left separately, they exchanged phone numbers. He was extremely smitten with her!”

In 2015, Sampson was asked by Glamour if he’s in a relationship, and responded:

I am single and probably will be for a while. I love a woman who is passionate about something bigger than herself, whatever that is. Humor is a must because I laugh at everything. I’d love a woman who pursues peace, loves kids, isn’t afraid of conflict, and effectively communicates. Someone who loves God and loves great food. That’s my life. Oh, and has to be able to cook at least as well as me!

Nothing about the couple has been reported since, so it’s possible nothing came of the night of flirting– or, it’s possible the two haven’t had time in their busy schedules to meet up. That would make sense, considering Normani has been extremely busy with Fifth Harmony. The 21-year-old revealed to Billboard last week that she and Khalid are working together on a collaboration. Kordei gushed to Billboard, “Khalid is such an important artist and a great friend. He has something unique and special that only he can offer creatively. Excited to see what lies ahead when we connect in the studio.”

Speaking about their MTV VMA performance tonight, the women of Fifth Harmony say they’ve worked so hard and are extremely excited. “This is definitely one of the biggest moments of our careers — something we’ve worked so hard for to get to a place where people would want us on the stage, so we’re excited as heck for it.”