Quantasia Sharpton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Quantasia Sharpton Usher

Press Conference Screen Grab

Quantasia Sharpton is the first person to come forward publicly after obtaining a lawyer to go after Usher. She claims that Usher never told her that he had herpes before the two engaged in sexual conduct two years ago.

When attorney Lisa Bloom first announced that she’d be filing legal documents on behalf of three people, she said that her clients would remain nameless for the sake of privacy. It was later reported that one of the three would come forward on Monday.

Bloom and Sharpton both appeared at the press conference, which took place at the New York Hilton in Midtown Manhattan. 

Here is what you need to know:

1. Sharpton Appeared in a Press Conference with Bloom on Monday Morning

Quantasia Sharpton Usher

Ms. Sharpton was represented by Bloom on Monday morning. During a press conference, Sharpton told the media that she was never told that Usher was infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

Interestingly enough, Bloom said that she doesn’t know for sure if Usher even has herpes, according to TMZ. Bloom merely cited news reports that Usher was diagnosed with herpes sometime in 2009. Bloom also pointed to a 2012 case in which Usher settled with a woman who claimed that she got herpes from him. She also said that Usher has never denied the herpes claims.

Last month, Radar Online claimed to have court documents from the 2012 case, which identified the victim as a “celebrity stylist.” According to the report, Usher paid the woman $1.1 million and apologized for infecting her. The court documents also showed that Usher was “exposed to herpes” in 2009 or 2010.

“I feel that my rights were violated. I’m speaking out today on behalf of myself and others, some of whom are positive and embarrassed to speak out publicly. I am doing this so he does not do this to anyone else,” Sharpton said during the press conference.

2. Sharpton Is 1 of 3 People Suing Usher & Is the First Person to Go Public

Sharpton and two other people have filed lawsuits against Usher. All three are being represented by Bloom. The court documents filed on Monday morning list “Jane Doe” and “John Doe” as to ensure the privacy of the other two accusers. 

Of the other two “victims” in this case, one man and one woman, Bloom says that one of them does have herpes. It is unclear whether the infected person is the man or the woman.

3. Sharpton Does Not Have Herpes

Usher herpes


Sharpton has been tested for sexually transmitted diseases and does not have herpes. Despite this, she is suing Usher because she says that he should have told her that he was infected with the STD before having any kind of sexual relations with her.

“When I first heard reports that [Usher] had herpes, I couldn’t believe it… I contacted Lisa Bloom to find out what my rights are, as a woman. Although I am negative, I was upset by the reports because I would have never consented if I would have known. I would not have taken a risk of getting an incurable disease; my health is very important to me,” Sharpton explained.

4. Sharpton Claims She Met Usher at a Concert

Quantasia Sharpton Usher

Sharpton told the media that she met Usher at one of his concerts two years ago. She attended the concert for her 19th birthday and said that she has been a big fan of his. Before the concert, Sharpton got to go backstage.

She claims that she was later approached by Usher’s security guard who told her that Usher was “interested” in her and asked for her phone number. Later that night, she said she received a call from a “blocked number.” It was Usher who called her and asked what hotel she was staying in and what room number.

“About an hour later, he arrived. We spoke for a while, and then we engaged in sexual contact. He never warned me about any STDs,” Sharpton said.

You can see Sharpton speaking at this morning’s news conference in the video below.

Usher, New STD Lawsuit, Live News Conference with Lawyer and Accuser | TMZA woman who is suing Usher for allegedly exposing her to genital herpes has come forward, saying Usher cherry picked her out of a crowd at one of his concerts, got her number, went to her hotel and had sex with her without disclosing he allegedly had genital herpes. SUBSCRIBE: po.st/TMZSubscribe About TMZ: TMZ has…2017-08-07T14:11:39.000Z

5. Sharpton Is a Mother of 1 & May Have Different Alias Names on Social Media

Quantasia Sharpton Usher

Since her 19th birthday, she has welcomed one child. She mentioned her child during the news conference this morning.

“I had a child a year ago,” Sharpton said.

On first glance, it appears as though Sharpton does not have any public social media accounts. Searches for her name on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will all turn up negative results. However, several social media users claim that Sharpton has different alias names that she uses on social media, one of them being “Angel Valentino.”

According to TMZ, a Facebook and a Twitter account with the name “Angel Valentino” both belong to Sharpton. Just one week before her press conference, she posted on Facebook about needing money, according to the gossip site.

This morning, TMZ noted that Sharpton posted the following message.

“Enjoying my last couple of hours as a regular girl.”

She also explains the reason for her alias.

“I go by Angel cause my name is clearly ghetto and hard to pronounce,” Sharpton has posted on social media, according to TMZ.

There are additional rumors that a woman by the name Quantaise Owens — who very well may also be Sharpton — once accused August Alsina of fathering her child. Check out the following Facebook post for more.


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