‘Rick and Morty’: Noob Noob Memes & Appreciation

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After Season 3 Episode 4 of Rick and Morty, fans are ready for a little Noob Noob appreciation. Yes, this character was the part of the Vindicators that Rick said he valued the most. Maybe he didn’t include Morty because he didn’t consider Morty a part of the Vindicators. However you want to look at it, the Vindicators did not appreciate what they had in Noob Noob, but Rick did.

And now Rick and Morty fans appreciate him too.

The First Time We Met Noob Noob

Here’s a video remembering the first time we met Noob Noob.

Rick and Morty Meet Noob Noob"Allen Rails lady's and gentleman. After his parents tragic death in a railroad accident he gained the power to summon ghost trains. It's not all bad though, they were spared having to see their grown son wear a whistle." -Rick "God DAMN!!!" -Noob Noob "Thanks Noob Noob, this guy gets it." -Rick "Rick says good…2017-08-14T05:21:42.000Z

Noob Noob made such a good impression that Rick dedicated the last part of his “saw” challenge to Noob Noob, saying he was the part of the Vindicators that Rick valued the most.

Unfortunately, once Rick was sober again, he no longer remembered Noob Noob.

But fans won’t forget.

Fans Love Noob Noob

Noob Noob was pretty brilliant. The look on Morty’s face when he realized Rick was talking about Noob Noob and not him was absolutely priceless. And then the look on his face when Rick couldn’t remember Noob Noob later… It was pure genius.

And fans are talking about it on social media, reliving those moments.

Noob Noob Was Expected to Go on the Mission

Maybe Morty shouldn’t feel too bad, because if Noob Noob hadn’t needed to clean up after Rick, he would’ve been going on the mission.

Remember, Rick’s question was about the part of the Vindicators that he valued the most. Maybe he just doesn’t consider Morty to be something the Vindicators have. Or maybe he thought that he would have been conscious when they left and prevented Morty and himself from going on that adventure at all.

Could Noob Noob and Mr. Poopy Butthole Be Related?

This may be a bit random, but is there any chance at all that Noob Noob is related to Mr. Poopy Butthole? Sure, their voices sound similar since they’re voiced by the same person. But maybe there’s more to that. Maybe Noob Noob is a distant (mutated) relative.

Here’s Noob Noob:

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Adult SwimNoob Noob

And here’s Poopy Butthole:

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Poopy Butthole is skinnier and has a nose… And he’s a slightly different color. But Noob Noob did slip and fall on some poop and land on his butt in it at the end. So couldn’t they still be related somehow?

I’m not the only one who noticed it.

Join us in the appreciation of Noob Noob, and share your comments about him below.

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