Rumored Title for Taylor Swift’s New Album Leaks Online

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Getty Taylor Swift in 2016.

It seems Taylor Swift may be about to reveal something big and many suspect it’s a new album.

The “Blank Space” singer has purged her internet presence — her Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and website have all gone black. Some believed it to be a hack earlier in the day, but as context and various clues throughout the internet have been collected, it appears that this purge has been very much intentional.

Furthermore, the purge arrives on the three-year anniversary of the premiere of “Shake It Off,” which was the first single off Swift’s last album, 1989.

Could she be beginning a new album cycle? Fans seem to think so, and they’ve even theorized as to what the title of the album could be. Given the impending solar eclipse, many are suggesting that Swift’s new album will be titled, fittingly, Eclipse. Among the evidence that supports this theory is the fact that the singer “blacked out” her social media accounts, much in the same way that an eclipse affects sunlight.

Other users added their own evidence to support this theory. The most compelling bit that the Instagram post below adds is that an eclipse is often referred to as the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, much like the self-imposed hiatus that Swift has taken over the past year.

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This is a cool theory.

A post shared by Amanda. Taylor liked 7/12/18. (@wunderstruck) on Aug 18, 2017 at 3:11pm PDT

Aside from a few public appearances, a secretive romance with actor Joe Alwyn, and a collaboration with ZAYN (“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever“), Swift has been very much away from the public eye. All this seems to fall in place with the idea of the new album being a cleanse of sorts.

Other users simply saw this Eclipse theory as a means to poke fun at the ongoing rumor mill that is the internet. “Well, the ancient prophecy does state, with every solar #Eclipse, comes forth a new savage #TaylorSwift album,” writes one user, while another joked “I think I saw a bible prophecy that talks about Taylor Swift deleting all tweets prior a solar eclipse. Googling. Hold on.”

Only time will tell whether Swift will drop new music this coming Monday, August 21st, or whether this is just another case of the internet enabling fans to over-think their favorite artists.

To keep up with the all the rumors and gossip surrounding Swift’s new album, be sure to check out the hashtags #TS6IsComing on Twitter.

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