‘Twin Peaks’ Episode 14 Explained: Top Clues & Theories

Showtime Kimmy Robertson in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Twin Peaks may only have four episodes left, but it’s hitting these most recent ones out of the ballpark. We’ll be sad to see the series end, but we’re crossing our fingers for a Season 4! In the meantime, there are still numerous clues to unpack and mysteries to unravel, so let’s begin.

This has spoilers for Part 14 in Season 3.

We Learned What Blue Rose Means

ShowtimeChrysta Bell and Miguel Ferrer in a still from Twin Peaks.

Thanks to a discussion between Albert and Tammy, and a great explanation from Tammy, we learned what Blue Rose symbolizes. A Blue Rose doesn’t occur naturally, and neither do the events that they’re researching. It’s like a tulpa, something that is conjured, that shouldn’t exist in the natural world. A tulpa is the idea that you can create a being out of sheer mental effort.

We also learned that Lois Duffy was the first Blue Rose case, investigated by Gordon and Philip Jeffries. She was a doppelgänger who supposedly shot herself. Just before she died, she said, “I’m like the Blue Rose.” Then she died and disappeared. (We now know that likely meant she went to the Red Room and perhaps was wearing the Green Ring at the time.)

Living Duffy always denied that she was guilty and ended up hanging herself. (Does the tulpa reference imply that Lois created her own doppelgänger? I wouldn’t jump quite that far.)

The Agents Are Getting Closer to Dougie

ShowtimeLaura Dern in a still from Twin Peaks.

And we’ve made huge strides in bringing Gordon and company to Dougie’s doorstep. But it’s looking more and more like David Lynch is going to make us wait until the finale to finally see Dougie become Cooper. If that’s the case, let’s hope that the rumors about Showtime giving Twin Peaks another season are true.

We were reminded that a ring was found in Briggs’ stomach that had the following engraved on it: “To Dougie. With Love. Janey-E.” But that’s when we got a bombshell. Diane told us that Janey-E is the nickname for her half-sister, who’s married to Dougie. She hasn’t seen her sister in years because they’re estranged.

There are a few theories surrounding this news. One theory is that Diane has never met Dougie and has no idea he looks just like Coop. She knows Dougie is important, and is being told by someone that the FBI agents need to go to Las Vegas, but she doesn’t know exactly why.

But another theory is that Diane is talking to Mr. C and he wants them all in Las Vegas, discovering Dougie. She did receive a text message identical to one that Mr. C sent. But some fans are guessing that because hers was not in all caps like the one he sent, she’s actually getting messages from a middleman. Time will tell on this one.

Want to hear a crazy theory about Diane? Some think that the last time she saw Coop, she was with Mr. C helping him create Dougie. Now that’s an interesting theory.

And while we’re talking about Gordon’s meeting, let’s not forget his unique Monica Bellucci dream. “We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream. But who is the dreamer?”

Could this be a callback to Audrey? Many fans are theorizing that she is caught in a coma, living in a dream right now.

Philip Jeffries Made an Appearance

This deserves its own section just because we got to see David Bowie again! We got to see the lovely scene when he pointed at Cooper on February 16 at 10:10 a.m. and said “Who do you think that is there?”

Gordon and Albert had lost their memories of that moment and some things Jeffries said to them. This seems to be what happens when you encounter the spirit world of Twin Peaks.

Andy & The Giant Meet

ShowtimeHarry Goaz in a still from Twin Peaks.

Wow! This was quite the scene. Bobby, Hawk, Andy, and Truman head into the forest to Jack Rabbit’s Palace. They walk 250 yards away and find an area thick in white fog, with a tree trunk with glowing gold liquid in it, and a woman without eyes lying naked on the ground. This is the woman that Cooper saw in the Mauve room, the one who talked about how Mother was coming. She went outside to a bell much like the one in the Giant’s house and fell over. Now we know where she ended up.

Andy got sucked into a vortex that deposited him in the Giant’s house. Many fans think this is the White Lodge. We now know that The Giant’s name is The Fireman. (Perhaps because he puts out fires from evil spirits just enough to keep things in balance, rather than letting evil take over?) He showed Andy a series of photos, after putting a strange box in Andy’s hands. The photos were:

  • The Mother demon from the glass box
  • The Mother demon sending smoke filled with Bob and demons to Earth.
  • The Convenience store with all the burned men demons.
  • The “Gotta Light” spirit.
  • Power wires.
  • A girl running out of a school screaming. (This was when it was shared that Laura Palmer had died.)
  • Laura Palmer’s photo with angels on either side.
  • The eyeless woman.
  • Cooper and Mr. C separating.
  • A phone ringing.
  • Andy and Lucy walking somewhere.
  • The eyeless woman again.
  • A pole with the number “6” on it. (Is this where Horne ran over the little kid and near where MIKE yelled at Leland about stealing the garmonbozia?)

Back on planet earth, we saw different images of Hawk, Truman, and Bobby all melding into one, very much like the burned men spirits appear. Perhaps they were able to reintegrate into the real world because of the dirt in their pockets. Then Andy appeared and for the only time in his existence, he spoke completely normally, telling them the girl needed to be put in a cell where she would be safe because someone wanted to kill her.

We’ve been told before that only those who are pure of heart can enter the White Lodge. Perhaps Andy was the only one in the group pure enough to go inside.

Billy’s Identity May Be Revealed

The two girls at the end of the episode talked about Billy for a while. Tina’s daughter said that Billy and Tina were having a bit of a fling, and that Billy ran into their house acting crazy. He jumped over a six-foot-tall fence and was bleeding from his mouth and nose.

Does this mean that Billy could be the man who was locked up in the jail cell, bleeding profusely from his mouth? Or does that man simply have the same malady?

Here’s everything we know about Billy:

  • His truck was stolen by Richard Horne. That was the truck that Richard was driving when he ran over the little boy.
  • Andy was supposed to meet with Billy, but Billy never showed up. It’s unclear if the person Andy spoke to was Billy or someone pretending to be him.
  • Tina is in a relationship with Billy.
  • Audrey’s in love with Billy.
  • Billy was last seen running out of Tina’s house, bleeding from the mouth and acting crazy.
  • Someone ran into the RR and yelled out about looking for Billy. A weird thing happened at the RR in that moment. The scene we saw before the guy ran in was completely different from the scene after he ran out, like there was a huge time jump that no one noticed. Read about it in the Part 7 story here.

How weird was it that Tina’s daughter couldn’t really remember her uncle? Her memory was blocked, like Gordon and Albert’s memories of their meeting with Jeffries were partially blocked. So there was definitely some evil mojo going on there.

Is There a Zombie Plague?

It seems like there could be some kind of zombie-like plague beginning to infect Twin Peaks. Or perhaps it’s the sign of another much bigger evil spirit infestation. Remember how people’s hands began shaking when BOB was growing in strength? Maybe it’s the same kind of thing.

We know Billy was bleeding from the mouth (and he may or may not have been the guy who was bleeding in the jail cell.) We also saw the zombie-like creature that Bobby ran into after a boy shot a gun and caused a huge traffic jam. At the time, it seemed like that might be a convention of evil spirits. And then there was the girl with the really weird rash. Something’s being hinted at. Maybe it’s an increased presence of evil in the town.

Green Hand Freddy & James’ Boiler Room

ShowtimeJames Marshall in a still from Twin Peaks.

So, the Giant visited Freddy and spoke to him in normal words (the only person he hasn’t spoken to in riddles.) He put a super powerful hand on Freddy and sent him to Twin Peaks to meet his destiny. Interestingly, this is Freddy’s right hand. The hand/arm that affected Laura and MIKE was the left hand. (If you recall, Mike’s arm had a tattoo that said MOM on it when he chopped it off. Maybe he was separating himself from the power of the Mother demon.)

Perhaps Freddy was sent with a super powerful hand in order to defeat Mr. C in arm wrestling. Or maybe he’s going to rescue James in the boiler room. That scene was pretty creepy. James was hearing the same sound that Ben Horne has talked about hearing. A different series premiere that aired in Europe 25 years ago actually had BOB in the boiler room, so there could be some evil lurking in there.

Sarah Palmer Is Now an Evil Spirit?

Ok, what do we make of the scene with Sarah Palmer?! She opened her face and revealed a dark cloud within, and a hand and a mouth. Then she closed her face and ATE part of that man’s neck. Just like Mother.

(In case you don’t recall, Mother is the term fans have coined for the weird demon creature that came out of the glass box and ate the couple’s faces. It looks just like the demon that “birthed” BOB. Its head is on the card that Mr. C carries around. And it resembles part of the symbol on the green ring, along with the symbol on Hawk’s map that he said Truman didn’t want to know about.

Remember, fans think that the girl the demon bug entered was a young Sarah Palmer. It’s possible that Sarah was converted into this Mother demon from the inside and it’s been growing inside her all this time. Does that mean thad Demon Sarah gave birth to Laura?

Laura once opened her face in the Red Room too, showing a glowing white light inside, before she was sucked up and away (possibly into the White Lodge.) So maybe Laura is the same type of spirit, only pure.

It’s also possible that this Sarah is a doppelgänger and the sounds we heard in the kitchen in a previous episode were from the real Sarah, tied up.

How this relates to the TV that was looping over and over is hard to tell. Some fans think that when Sarah went crazy in the grocery story, she was in the process of being possessed and trying to fight it.

What do you think about this episode? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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