Twitter Criticizes Lena Dunham for ‘Transphobic’ American Airlines Accusations

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Lena Dunham is no stranger to controversial statements. Since her HBO series Girls launched her to the top of the industry food chain in 2012, she has incurred the wrath of numerous fans with her outspoken beliefs and political stances. This latest controversy comes at the expense of American Airlines.

The filmmaker took to Twitter on Thursday to complain about two American Airlines employees she claimed to have overheard engaging in “transphobic talk.” She broke the news on Twitter, writing “Not gonna call out the airline who delayed cuz s**t happens BUT I did just overhear 2 @AmericanAir attendants having a transphobic talk.”

She added that “At this moment in history we should be teaching our employees about love and inclusivity @AmericanAir.”

According to Fox News, however, the airlines has stated that they are “unable to substantiate” Denham’s account. “We always look into complaints from customers, but at this time,” American Airlines said, “We are unable to substantiate these allegations.”

They stated that the time which the tweets were sent out, around 3 a.m. EST, do not align with the airline’s final flight time of 1:45 a.m. EST. Read their full statement above.

Dunham’s remarks promptly sparked a wave of backlash on social media, with many feeling that she is simply attacking those who don’t agree with her personal opinions. Even pop artist Diplo tweeted out “Imagine thinking your day couldn’t get any worse after your flight was delayed then u look up and see lena dunham yelling at airport staff.”

Others sided with American Airlines, feigning surprise at the fact that they were unable to confirm Dunham’s account. “SHOCKED I tell you! @AmericanAir investigated Lena Dunham’s “transphobic” claim & were unable to substantiate it,” wrote one user.

Another tweeted out “You’d think @lenadunham would’ve confronted them, her being such a social justice warrior and all. It’s almost like she made it up.” Check out some of the most skeptical reactions below.

Dunham’s claims come less than a month after she reported that her dog was abused by the animal shelter she bought him from. The shelter denied these accusations, according to the New York Times, and Dunham was caught in what appeared to be a fabricated story.

Dunham has since responded to her critics, tweeting out “Have world’s itchiest block finger RN. Maybe it’s the collective 13 hours in airport. Maybe the sensual plane music. Maybe it’s humanity.”

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