WATCH: Fake ‘Rick and Morty’ Live Stream for Season 3 Episode 4 from

After hours of scouring the Internet, fans have finally found part of the video from the fake Rick and Morty live stream that aired on instead of the actual episode. In this one, employees read the script instead of actually showing the episode. They called it the poor man’s Rick and Morty. 

Watch the video below:

Adult Swim Stream: Live Script Reading of Rick and Morty S03E04 Vindicators 3Quite possibly one of the stupidest stream things I have seen done. Oh well, I guess I'll go download the episode. I own no rights to this video. I guess this is what you get when you only have a cable login instead of cable2017-08-14T07:10:27.000Z

This video was shared on Reddit by lIlIlllII. Many thanks for tracking this down!

Fans were so confused about what was happening while this fake episode was airing. Instead of the show, viewers were “treated” to people with props doing a live-action fake version of the new episode while reading from the script. But they never actually told people during the stream or in the comments where to go to actually watch the episode. In fact, some viewers said that when they said something in the comments, they were called “freeloaders.”

A different stream was available for paying customers, but even this one didn’t work right.

Some fans are angry not because the episode wasn’t free this week, but because they felt like the people on the live stream were mocking them and not bothering to tell them where to get a paid version.

Meanwhile, other fans just thought the whole thing was hilarious, and have argued that fans were told for days leading up to this, on social media, that the episode wasn’t going to be streamed for free this week.

Now we have the video that shows just what happened. What do you think? Are you angry or was it just a funny joke? Let us know in the comments below.

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