What Did Daenerys and Jon Say to Each Other? [Game of Thrones]


There was one moment between Daenerys and Jon Snow tonight that fans couldn’t quite understand. Here’s the dialogue from the last part of that scene.

Spoilers through Season 7 Episode 6 of Game of Thrones.

When Dany visits Jon in his room while they’re on the boat, they have a deep conversation that has left fans talking. Every look between them is going to be revisited again and again.

But there’s one point near the end of the conversation that’s a little tough to understand. It was after she promised to fight the White Walkers for Jon, and he said he would bend the knee to her. Here’s what they said. She asked him what about his people, what would they think of his decision?

Jon said to Dany: “They will come to see you for what you are.”

And Dany replied to Jon: “I hope I deserve it.”

Jon said in response to that. “You do.”

Daenerys is showing her true heart to Jon, something she rarely does with anyone. She’s not showing the Queen side of her, the side that is always in control and always confident. She’s letting him know that after everything she’s seen from him, she’s not sure that she deserves all that reverence. She hopes she can make the right decisions and continue to deserve Jon’s and his people’s fealty.

Jon believes she already deserves that recognition. He has come to believe that there is no reason for him not to bend the knee. She is the perfect Queen, the one that Westeros truly needs.

This was an amazing moment between the two characters.