‘Game of Thrones’: What Did Littlefinger Do to Lysa and Jon Arryn?


For how much Littlefinger claimed to have loved Catelyn Stark, he had a nasty habit of betraying those he loved. And it finally came back to bite him. But what exactly did he do to betray Lysa Arryn, Jon Arryn, and Catelyn Stark? Find out in this article.

This story has MAJOR spoilers for the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. Only read on after you’ve seen the episode. 

Petyr Baelish has betrayed those he befriended time and time again, believing the chaos would help him ultimately gain power. When he tried to get between Sansa and Arya, as he had done with Catelyn and Lysa, it blew up in his face. He was charged with treason and sentenced by Sansa, and executed by Arya.

Interestingly, Ned Stark always found it honorable to carry out the death sentences that you pass. But Sansa let Arya carry out the deed for her. Perhaps this was a way of showing the two sisters are in this together, and showing their bond.

So what exactly did Petyr do to Lysa and Jon Arryn? Sansa mentioned this during Littlefinger’s trial, but not all fans will remember just what happened.

Well, for one thing, Littlefinger orchestrated Jon Arryn’s death. Lysa, Catelyn’s sister, had married Jon Arryn, the Lord of the Vale. Jon was Hand of the King for Robert Baratheon, and was convinced by Lysa to make Petyr Master of Coin. (Lysa was completely in love with Petyr.) Jon was essentially holding the realm together because Robert wasn’t a very good king.

Jon was investigating Joffrey’s parentage and discovered who his true parents were when Jon died of what appeared to be unknown causes, just before the start of Season 1. Catelyn receives a letter from her sister Lysa accusing the Lannisters of murdering Jon. But as it turns out, Jon Arryn was poisoned by Lysa, and his death and Lysa’s letter blaming the Lannisters were Littlefinger’s ideas.

Jon’s death set the Lannisters against the Starks and led to the War of the Five Kings and all the terrible things that happened to the Stark family.

Later, after helping Sansa escape King’s Landing, he married Lysa Arryn. But when she attacked Sansa, he killed her. Sansa covered up for Littlefinger at the time, believing he was just trying to protect her, and he became the Lord Protector of the Vale. But that all went out the window when he married her off to Ramsay Bolton.

And ultimately, Petyr betrayed the woman he said he loved the most: Catelyn. His scheming led to Ned’s being convicted of treason. During a standoff with Joffrey, it was Petyr who ended it by putting a knife to Ned’s throat.

After so many betrayals (and even more that aren’t listed in this story), Sansa and Arya were left with no choice than to pronounce a sentence of treason against Petry Baelish.

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