‘Game of Thrones’: Where Is Ghost?


HBO Ghost the Direwolf

There’s one character on Game of Thrones that fans haven’t seen in a long time, and they’re not too happy about it. Ghost has been missing all season. Jon’s favorite direwolf shouldn’t be in hiding. Where is he?

The show hasn’t given us much to go on. Sansa made an offhand comment in a recent episode, talking about how people weren’t just going to wait around for her like Ghost was waiting at Winterfell for Jon.

So that’s all we’ve gotten so far. :( Ghost, the only Stark direwolf left alive (except Nymeria who no longer wants to hang out with Arya) is nowhere to be seen. He was Jon’s loyal Direwolf who even stayed by Jon’s side when he was dead, and Jon apparently just left him behind when he went to Dragonstone.

It doesn’t really make much sense that Ghost wouldn’t accompany Jon on all his travels. And it really would have been great to watch Ghost react when one of the dragons flew right over Jon’s head at Dragonstone.

This isn’t the first time Ghost has been conspicuously missing. During the Battle of the Bastards, he was apparently hanging out with Lyanna Mormont rather than fighting.

There’s a not-so-fun reason why Ghost isn’t here is a lot simpler: he’s simply too expensive. He’s a CGI creature, and apparently he keeps getting bumped out for other CGI creatures. Winter Is Coming even reported last month that Bryan Cogma, the writer of the “Stormborn” episode, had tweeted that a Jon/Ghost scene was shot, but it didn’t make it into the episode.

It could be worse. Fans have always wondered if so many direwolves have been killed off because they were so expensive to create. So maybe it’s better, in some ways, that we aren’t seeing much of Ghost.

Apparently the last time we saw Ghost was in Season 6, when Jon came back to life. :(

That’s far too long.

Maybe he’s out there somewhere, fathering new direwolf puppies of his own.