POLL: Which Was the Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode?


Now that fans have seen Season 7 Episode 4 of Game of Thrones, “The Spoils of War,” many are saying that this was the best Game of Thrones episode yet. Or at the very least, it was among the top five. After you read our article, take the poll at the end and let us know which episode you thought was the best. 


What do you think?

The battle scene in “The Spoils of War” was epic. This battle may have had the best dragon scenes ever on television or in movies. Viewers found themselves desperately not wanting Drogon to be hurt, but also not wanting Jamie or Bronn to be hurt either. There was a huge rollercoaster of emotions in that battle, and it left us in shock when the credits rolled on the screen.

This was certainly one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones yet. But was it the best one?

Fans also loved “Hardhome” from Season 5 (Episode 8) which showed an epic battle between Jon Snow, the Wildlings, and the thousands of wights that the Night King controlled. And that moment when the Night King raised his arms and raised all the dead along with him — we’ll never forget that moment.

But “Battle of the Bastards” from Season 6 (Episode 9) was also one of the best episodes we’ve seen, too. The battle scene was incredibly realistic. And it really looked like Jon Snow and his crew were going to die at the hands of Ramsay’s army, until Littlefinger rode in with the Knights of The Vale. (And by the way, does it seem like everyone’s forgetting a little too quickly about how Littlefinger saved the day and they’d all be dead right now if it weren’t for him?) Oh, and don’t forget the battle with dragons that also took place in the same episode.

Then there was the Hodor episode, “The Door” (Season 6 Episode 5.) This one also leaked early and it was absolutely heartbreaking. Fans were not expecting how Hodor’s story was going to turn out. Bran also found out that the Children of the Forest created the Night King, and Jorah revealed to Dany that he had greyscale.

Another Season 5 contender is the finale, “Mother’s Mercy.” This was the episode when Jon Snow was killed. Fans who hadn’t read the books were truly shocked and no one had any idea if he would come back, because the show had finally caught up to the books at this point.

Then there was the Red Wedding episode, “The Rains of Castamere” from Season 3 Episode 9. That scene wasn’t one that anyone actually enjoyed. But it was so heart-wrenching and so shocking, it will go down forever as one of the most unexpected and hard-to-watch episodes in Game of Thrones history. Which also makes it a contender for the best episode.

The Lion and the Rose,” from Season 4 Episode 2, was the episode where Joffrey died. There’s not much else to say about this episode, except that fans hated him so much, they were cheering as he was poisoned.

Then there’s “The Mountain and the Viper,” from Season 4 Episode 10. This episode featured Oberyn Martell’s fight against the Mountain. We all thought he had won. We were so happy. And then… Well, then he didn’t. This was also the episode where Sansa aligned herself with Littlefinger, claiming that he did not push Lysa Arryn through the Moon Door.

You can even go as far back as Season 1 Episode 9 to see a truly phenomenal episode, “Baelor.” This is when Ned Stark was killed. It also was the moment when fans realized that no character is safe on this show, even the ones who would normally have the most plot armor. Also featured in this episode: Jon Snow gets Longclaw and Daenerys seeks magical help for saving Khal Drogo.

Last season ended with “The Winds of Winter,” which was also phenomenally done. No one will forget the wildfire scene, when we thought Margaery might get out of the Sept in time and then no one got out in time. Or Tommen’s reaction to her death. Or Arya’s vengeance on Walder Frey.

So which episode do you like best? Take our poll below and also let us know your thoughts in the comments.