Who Advanced on ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Tonight?

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Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior continues tonight to find contestants in Oklahoma City. Over 500 competitors will be competing in five cities this year, but only 30 will advance tonight to the final round of the regional qualifiers. Until Season 7, no contestant had ever completed the four-stage obstacle course in the finals, known as Mt. Midoriyama. In an impressive and mind-blowing run last year, Isaac Caldiero finished the last portion of course, which is a 75-foot rope climb, in just 26.14 seconds. Hopefully there will be someone in the mix this year to challenge Caldiero's impressive time. Click through to see some of the competitors who will face the course in Oklahoma City tonight. (NBC)

Tonight are the Kansas City Finals on American Ninja Warrior. Tonight, we’ll find out who is advancing from the Kansas City Finals to the National Finals in Las Vegas, where competitors will be one step closer to making $1 million.

USA Today reports executive producer Kent Weed as saying that it takes 300 people to make ANW work.

The following competitors will advance to the National Finals in Vegas:
1. Mitch Vedepo
2. Tyler Yamauchi
3. Hunter Guerard
4. Eric Middleton
5. Dave Cavanagh
6. Lance Pekus
7. Jeremiah Morgan
8. Jelani Allen
9. Alex Carson
10. Kyle Mendoza
11. Spencer Johnson
12. Brad Spine
13. Ben Baker
14. Morgan “Moose” Wright
15. Donovan Metoyer

Two women advancing:
1. Maggi Thorne
2. Sara Heesen