Who Died on ‘Game of Thrones’ Tonight? [SPOILERS]


Not sure you can bear the sight of one of your favorite characters dying during tonight’s episode? Anything is possible in the world of Westeros. After last week’s ending, when Euron took Ellaria and Yara captive, it seems likely that we’re going to see some deaths tonight. Here’s a look at who died during tonight’s premiere. We’ll be updating this post live as the show airs.

This post has spoilers through the premiere and will be updated live.

Spoilers for the finale below.

The first “creature” who died was a wight, killed in the Dragonpit.

The first person to die was Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger. He tried to turn Sansa against Arya and thought she was setting up a hearing to go over Arya’s supposed betrayal.

Instead, Littlefinger was the one who was killed. He was charged by Sansa with treason on multiple counts.

When he tried to claim his innocence, Bran took witness against him. Then Arya carried out the sentence, slicing Petyr’s throat.

At the end of the episode, Undead Viserion attacked the wall, decimating it and killing many members of the Night’s Watch and wildlings who were at Eastwatch.

We were left wondering if Tormund and Beric had died. They were on the wall when the ice dragon attacked and destroyed a portion of the wall. The show left it open-ended as to whether the two will survive or if they were destroyed as the wall came crashing down. But it’s likely, given what happened, that they perished in the blue flames and destruction.