Who Won ‘The Bachelorette’ 2017 Tonight?

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On the finale episode of The Bachelorette 2017, Peter Kraus tells star Rachel Lindsay that he is not ready to propose, but that he is in love with her and wants to continue to be together. And with Bryan Abasolo, things come a lot more easy. But, Lindsay sits down with Kraus to discuss the possibilities of a future together anyway. She fears that Kraus will not be able to commit in the future, though Kraus says he wants to build a relationship with Lindsay.

Both Lindsay and Kraus end up in tears, with Kraus asking her if he’s the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Looking over at the production crew, Lindsay says, “I can’t answer that question.”

The two end up arguing that Kraus would be proposing out of fear of losing Lindsay. Kraus says that he doesn’t feel it’s the right time to propose, but he does feel that Lindsay is the right person. Kraus also says that he doesn’t know if he would resent Lindsay in the future for proposing out of fear. The two can’t seem to come to a conclusion about the future together and Kraus says that they will regret breaking up over this. He also says that if Lindsay changes her mind, she knows where she can find him.

As Lindsay leaves Kraus, they each tell one other “I love you,” and Lindsay sobs. Kraus then cries and asks himself, “What’s wrong with me?”

This means that Bryan Abasolo is the last man standing.

When sitting down with host Chris Harrison, Lindsay said she didn’t know what would happen after she walked away. Backstage, Peter Kraus was waiting and he was very emotional. Speaking with Lindsay live, Kraus said that watching their break up on TV was very hard and Lindsay agreed. She also told him that she was confused by his actions versus his words and that she hopes that moving forward, Kraus finds what he needs. Their final sit down together was full of tension and Lindsay appeared to be very cold towards Kraus, who seemed apologetic and still devastated by the split. Both admitted to being frustrated, but Kraus also admitted he still cares for Lindsay. Even so, he says that he wouldn’t do that night differently, saying he had to be true to himself.

Kraus also revealed that he asked if he could reach back out to Lindsay and the answer was no.

Twitter followers and viewers voiced their disapproval of Lindsay’s behavior on the live sit down with Kraus, saying she was “rude”. Kraus even said that he felt attacked.

Going into the proposal, Bryan Abasolo said he was 99% confident, but he was definitely still nervous about Lindsay saying “yes”. Though Lindsay was happy to see Abasolo, she was worried that she had been through too much with Kraus the night before and wasn’t sure if she was ready for a proposal. Abasolo gives her his proposal, talking about a future with children and love. Lindsay then goes into her confusion, soul-searching and her ultimate love for Abasolo. Upon hearing this, Abasolo practically jumps at Lindsay and says he cannot wait to kiss her. The two kiss and Abasolo gets down on one knee, revealing a beautiful pear-shaped ring by Neil Lane. Abasolo then screamed and jumped up and down in excitement. As the wind fiercely blew, Lindsay accepted Abasolo’s ring and the two embraced.

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Argh. It appears that Peter was too mature to be on the Bachelorette. Gosh, if you really love someone Rachel, you would be willing to wait for them…she was simply being selfish trying to understand why Peter couldn’t propose yet. Also, Rachel said earlier that someone had to bend for the other (um, i think Peter was bending when he said he would propose because he knew she was the right person and that that was what she wanted…what more did you need!?!?!) All i know is that Rachel missed the opportunity to marry one of the most caring and sacrificial man out there. Let’s see how long the happily ever after lasts with this fake cheek-boned, slimy-tongued, mama’s boy named Bryan. ugh….not a good catch.

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