Will ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Be Canceled?

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Ami Brown has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and fans have seen her illness play out on Alaskan Bush People. Because of her illness, the Brown family has closed up Browntown, their home in the bush. And, their plan has been to move to Colorado, where the matriarch Ami can be close to medical treatment.

In recent weeks, Ami Brown has been photographed in a wheelchair and she appears very thin. Fans worry that she will not be able to survive her illness.

If this happens, what is the fate of the Brown family’s show? According to several Facebook fan posts, another season should be happening, but nothing has been confirmed by the network. Blasting News reported that Alaskan Bush People Exposed said a crew was seen filming the family in Colorado, which could mean that they are already taping a new season. ABP Exposed also said that an eighth season may premiere as early as October 2017.

Tonight is the season 7 finale of the show, titled “Blazing a New Trail”, and the official synopsis of the episode reads:

As the Brown family adapts after closing their dream homestead, they charge toward a new beginning with the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired over 35 years in the Alaskan wilderness.

So, what caused Ami Brown to seek medical attention to begin with? In an interview with People, she revealed:

Last fall I had some pain in my back. Walking from the house to the garden, I would get winded. There were days I was just bedridden, but I just thought it was my arthritis. We were filming the show and at times it was all I could do to just stand there — I was in so much pain. When we were shooting promo shots I told them, “There’s something wrong.” In December I went to the dentist to get impressions made for new teeth and when they did a scan they noticed a little capsule. That’s how this all started.

Brown has said that each of her children and her husband have all been dealing with the news of her illness differently and have been very supportive.

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