MTV’s ’90s House’: Meet the Cast

MTV's 90s House, meet the cast of 90s house on mtv, cast members of 90s house Twitter

Tonight, MTV will premiere a brand-new reality competition show called 90s House. The series will feature 12 millennials who live in a 90s-themed house and fight it out for the ultimate prize: $90,000, a Mazda Miata, and two VIP tickets on a 90s cruise.

Read on to meet the cast of the show.


Chase, 24, is a model and dancer from Las Vegas. He loves Full House and boy bands, so he’ll definitely fit in in the 90s house.


Devin, 24, hails from Washington, DC. He’s a basketball player, and self-professed ladies man. He misses Power Rangers and LL Cool J from the 90s.


MTV's 90s House, meet the cast of 90s house on mtv, cast members of 90s house


Jenielle, 27, is from the Bronx. She loves music and is a mama’s girl, and her 90s ‘things’ were Family matters and Janet Jackson.


Lexus, 23, is obsessed with Instagram, and isn’t afraid to admit it. She’s from Radford, Virginia, and is big into fashion.


Mark is a 29-year-old from Astoria. He says he’s a nerd, and misses Nickelodeon and *NYSYNC.


Patrick, 21, is a hopeless romantic. His 90s obsessions are Tupac and Cartoons. According to his Twitter, he’s a personal trainer.


Prince, 26, is a “fashion icon” and tough competitor. His Twitter bio reads, “I’m Prince Carter and I WERKKK HARD! That’s the equal of me. Everybody Wants To Be Rich & Famous Like The Prince But No One Wants To WERK Like The Prince.”


Sha-Monique is 24 and from Long Island. She describes herself as “fierce, fun and fearless.” Her 90s love? Destiny’s Child.


Shannon, 22, hails from Plymouth, MA. She’s a rapper and feminist.


Sierra is 23 and says she’s a “boy magnet”. What does she miss from the 90s? Saved By the Bell and Spice Girls.


Travana is 24-years-old and from Seattle. She’s a mother, and calls herself a “sass queen”.


William is 27 from Long Island, New York. He’s a shop owner and self-professed New Yorker. Will’s Twitter bio reads, “MTV 90sHouse 9/26! vintage threads, cats, hockey and guitars. please don’t take me serious unless it’s about wrestling. I own DeepCover Vintage in NYC.”

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1 Comment

Tia Cabrera

Yaaay! I’m so glad Shamonique won! I was rooting for her or Jenielle. I’m SO glad the conceited, white girl or the corny Playboy Devin didn’t win! Sierra was heated when Shay was announced LOL! Did you see her face?! She gave her a phony @zz congrats hug haha…Anyhoo, congrats TO YOU, Miss Shay-you earned it, mami! Lots of luv from a Latina in North Jersey!

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