‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 Premiere Recap

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The seventh season of American Horror Story is here and the theme this season is known as “AHS Cult”. Read on below for the full recap and spoilers on the premiere episode of the show.

The episode begins with footage from the presidential election of 2016 between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The first episode begins on election night, November 8, 2016, with people all over the country waiting up for the results. Evan Peters plays a punk named Kai Anderson who has dyed his hair blue and is chanting USA over and over again. Meanwhile, Sarah Paulson plays a Hillary supporter named Ally Mayfair-Richards, who is overcome with grief about Donald Trump’s victory. A couple argues over the fact that one of them didn’t vote.

Kai uses cheese puffs to paint his face orange in support of Trump, while his sister Winter Anderson tells him that she’s scared.

After the credits role, a couple is shown getting physical outside in a field as Twisty the Clown approaches. Twisty startles the couple and the young man whips out a pistol before shooting Twisty. The gunshots mean nothing and Twisty kills the young man by slitting his throat and stabbing him to death. The girl runs away and finds herself in Twisty’s hideout. Unfortunately, her 911 call gives her away and Twisty kills her.

It’s then revealed that the Twisty scene is from a comic book that Ally’s son Oz is reading. When Ally discovers the comic, she freaks out because she has a severe phobia of clowns.

In the next scene, Kai appears in front of the city council members to talk to them about what he believes is “going on in the world”. The board urges Kai to expand his horizons and he appears to make a threat in response.

Ally is next shown in her psychiatrist’s office, saying that all of her old phobias have returned. Actor Cheyenne Jackson plays her psychiatrist Dr. Rudy Vincent. Ally talks about her partner Ivy and how she helped get her through all her issues. Dr. Rudy then prescribes Ally with an anti-anxiety medication.

Ally leaves the office and heads to the grocery store, where actor Chaz Bono is playing the role of Gary Longstreet. Gary is missing part of his left hand and is wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in support of Donald Trump. The supermarket is empty as Ally pushes her cart around the aisles. As she looks up, she thinks she sees the reflection of two strange people. She then believes that she is seeing two people dressed as evil clowns having sex in the produce department. Soon, loud music begins to play and her anxiety takes over. More clowns appear and one rides by her on a scooter, holding a knife. Ally flees the grocery store and phones Ivy from her car, exclaiming, “They’re trying to kill me.” As Ally hyperventilates, she sees some kind of person, who appears to be undead, in her backseat. She hits the gas and crashes quickly, causing the airbag to deploy.

Next, Ally is shown home with a concerned Ivy, who says she wants her wife back. As Ally and Ivy are arguing about the election outside, Kai comes along and throws his drink at them.

Kai’s sister Winter gets interviewed by Ally and Ivy for a nanny position with their son. In the interview, she tells them that she campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the election.


Later on, Kai shows up where several hispanic men are hanging out. He takes a condom and fills it with urine. He then hurls it like a water balloon at the group of men, who proceed to beat him up. Meanwhile, the incident is being recorded.

Ivy tries to give Ally a romantic dinner at their restaurant while their son is at home with Winter. Oz begins to draw pictures of Twisty the Clown and Winter asks him if he’s ever seen a real dead body. Ally attempts to enjoy her dinner with her wife but her phobias and anxiety take over again. Meanwhile, Winter is showing their son videos of people dying online. Ally is soon startled by the image of a clown and she frantically searches all over the restaurant for the clown she believes she saw. Ivy questions Ally, asking her if she’d been taking her medicine and it’s clear that she hasn’t. Ally cries, worrying that she’s losing her mind.

An ice cream truck pulls up outside of the house where Ally and Ivy live and their son Oz watches as the clowns who were in the grocery store all exit the truck.

Ally and Ivy come home to a crime scene and are fortunate to find their son alive, but their neighbors have been killed. Winter and Oz ventured out of the house to investigate and they saw the clowns in action, slitting their throats and writing on the walls with blood. Winter tells Ally and Ivy that she and Oz never really went over to investigate anything and that there were no clowns. The couple chooses to believe babysitter Winter.

The episode ends with Ally rolling over in bed, coming face to face with one of the clowns and screaming.

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