‘American Ninja Warrior’: Who’s Advancing to the Season Finale?

Tonight, American Ninja Warrior continues with night 2 of the season finals.

Last week, we saw a large number competitors complete stage 1. An impressive 20 athletes made it through, and tonight, we’ll watch the remaining 50 ninjas compete for a chance at winning the title of the next American Ninja Warrior.

Competitors Advancing:
1. Drew Drechsel
2. Josh Salinas
3. Daniel Gil
4. Lance Pekus
5. Hunter Guerard
6. Joe Moravsky
7. Dave Cavanagh
8. Nicholas Coolridge
9. Jamie Rahn
10. Brent Steffensen
11. Thomas Stillings
12. Matthew Ilgenfritz
13. Flip Rodriguez
14. Travis Rosen
15. Kevin Bull
16. Najee Richardson
17. Jody Avila
18. Tyler Yamauchi
19. Mike Bernardo
20. Eric Middleton
20. Class Clawson
21. David Campbell
22. Adam Rayl
23. Brian Arnold
24. Sean Bryan
26. Michael Silenzi
27. Tyler Gillett
28. Nick Kostreski
29. Abel Gonzalez
30. JJ Woods
31. Jon Alexis Jr.
32. Josh Levin
33. Karson Voiles
34. Drew Knapp
35. Ryan Stratis
36. Alyssa Beird
37. Ian Dory
38. Andrew Lowes
39. Grant Clinton
40. Sean Darling-Hammond
41. Nick Hanson

There were a handful of standouts from last week that we’ll want to keep our eyes on when it comes to the final night of competition next Monday, September 18th. Lance Pekus is one of those standouts– he completed stage 1 in under two minutes with just over 45 seconds remaining.

Drew Drechsel has been the fastest competitor of season 9, and this evening, he’ll see if he can hold on to that title. We’re also looking forward to watching the famous Jessie Graff take on Stage 1. Last year, Graff successfully completed stage 1, and it’s likely she’s hoping for that ultimate prize.

And what’s up with the mighty Kacy Catanzaro? Tonight is the last time Kacy will take on stage 1– after this, she’s going to stop away from American Ninja Warrior to be in the WWE.

For those who need a refresher on how the show’s organized, the final 100 competitors have taken the stage this week and last week. Last week, 50 competed, and tonight, the last 50 will also compete.

The stage 1 course consists of: Snake Run, Propeller Bar, Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Parkour Run, Warped Wall, Domino Pipes, and the Flying Squirrel.

Last week the following contestants completed the course: Nick Hanson, Travis Rosen, Josh Levin, JJ Woods, Alyssa Beird, Joe Moravsky, Lance Pekus, Ian Dory, Thomas Stillings, Sean Darling-Hammond, Drew Knapp, Mike Bernardo, Kevin Bull, Flip Rodriguez, and Brent Steffensen. Other finishers included Eric Middleton, Cass Clawson, Michael Silenzi, Nick Kostreski, and Andrew Lowes.