‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Live Results Semi-Finals Part 1 – Who Made It Through Tonight?

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Last night began the first week of the semi-finals for season 12 of America’s Got Talent, with 11 acts performing live for America. The contestants who took the stage last night were:

Billy & Emily England
Chase Goehring
DaNell Daymon & Greater Works
Darci Lynne Farmer
Evie Clair
Eric Jones
Johnny Manuel
Mike Yung
Preacher Lawson
Sara & Hero
Yoli Mayor

Tonight, only 5 acts will make it through and we will be updating this post live with the results. The three acts in danger tonight were Chase Goehring, Eric Jones and Evie Clair. Each of them is eligible for the Dunkin’ Save, which is real-time voting by viewers at home. Click here to check out how to use the Dunkin’ Save and keep in mind that only one of these acts can be put through by America.

Up first for the elimination results tonight were choir group DaNell Daymon & Greater Works against comedian Preacher Lawson. And, the act going through was Preacher Lawson. Upon hearing the results, judge Howie Mandel said that he predicts Lawson will be the next comedic superstar in America.

Next up were singers Johnny Manuel and Yoli Mayor … And, neither one of the singers were put through to the finals. Judge Simon Cowell said he was disappointed that neither of the two were moving forward but that they are not leaving the show as losers at this point in the competition.

To break up the show a bit before more results were revealed, the judges were shown competing in a game to see who knows each other better. Then, former AGT contestants, The Clairvoyants, appeared to show off their skills as mentalists.

Singer Mike Yung and singing ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer were the next contestants to hear their results. And, the next act revealed as moving forward was Farmer. And then it was down to the roller-skating daredevils vs. the dog training act. Sara & her dog Hero were put through to the next round, but Billy and Emily England were not.

When it comes to the Dunkin’ Save, the act put through by America tonight was … singer Evie Clair. This meant that the judges had to choose between Chase Goehring and Eric Jones for a spot in the finals. For her choice, judge Heidi Klum went with Jones and Mel B picked Goehring. Simon Cowell was up next and he decided to go with Goehring as well. Finally, judge Howie Mandel had to give his two cents and deliver his decision. Mandel picked Goehring as well, which meant that he is on his way to the finals.