‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Live Results Semi-Finals Part 2 – Who Made It Through Tonight?

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Last night began the first week of the semi-finals for season 12 of America’s Got Talent, with 11 acts performing live for America. The contestants who took the stage last night were:

Angelica Hale – Singer
Celine Tam – Singer
Christian Guardino – Singer
Colin Cloud – Mentalist
Diavolo – Acrobatic Dance Group
In the Stairwell – A Cappella Group
Kechi Okwuchi – Singer
Light Balance – Light-Up Dance Group
Mandy Harvey 1 – Singer
Merrick Hanna 1 – Dancer
Pompeyo Family Dogs – Dog Act

Tonight, only 5 acts will make it through and we will be updating this post live with the results. The three acts in danger tonight were Colin Cloud, Diavolo, and Kechi Okwuchi.

Each of them is eligible for the Dunkin’ Save, which is real-time voting by viewers at home. Click here to check out how to use the Dunkin’ Save and keep in mind that only one of these acts can be put through by America.

Next up was the first round of results with Merrick Hanna, Angelica Hale and Christian Guardino. Angelica Hale was the contestant who made it through. And, the next act going through to the finals was Mandy Harvey. This meant that young Singer Celine Tam was going home.

In the middle of the show’s program, the cast of the Las Vegas production Absinthe appeared on stage and gave a stunning performance. Currently, Billy and Emily England, the rollerskating duo from this season, are part of Absinthe. So, if you are a fan of theirs, you can see the show.

Soon, two dance groups faced their fates on the show. It was down to Light Balance and In the Stairwell, but only one of the acts could make it through to the finals. Light Balance ended up being put through to the next round. Judge Mel B gushed that she wished both acts were going to be in the finals.

And the next results to be revealed are the Dunkin’ Save … Kechi Okwuchi. That’s right. She will be in the finals. And that means that the judges will choose one of the other two acts to move forward as well. Either Colin Cloud or Diavolo … In the end, Diavolo made it through.




This was the second of two semi-finals, not the first. The opening line of this article is wrong.

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