Anfisa Arkhipchenko & Jorge Nava Sign With Talent Agency

On 90 Day Fiance, Anfisa Arkhipchenko and husband Jorge Nava announced that they were no longer together, but, by the looks of Arkhipchenko’s Instagram account, the two have reconciled. In fact, the two have even signed with a talent agency together. About a week ago, Arkhipchenko posted the following announcement on her Instagram profile:

Great news! Jorge and I have signed with David Weintraub & Dwe talent for management & representation! For all business inquires please send an email to

Throughout their time on the show, Arkhipchenko has pushed for Nava to buy her luxury items, handbags, and cosmetic treatments. Nava actually ended up putting himself in debt trying to give her these things, though he wasn’t completely honest with her about his financial situation. With Nava’s financial promises unable to be kept, Arkhipchenko grew angry and would lash out at him. She also said that if Nava couldn’t keep her in the lifestyle she desired, she wouldn’t want to be with him. Recently, on the reunion “tell-all” episode, fellow cast member Loren Brovarnik called out Arkhipchenko and accused her of being a “gold digger”.

When Nava and Arkhipchenko were first on the show, they said they met on social media, but Empty Lighthouse reports something different, stating that:

According to Stevie Ryan, a podcaster who appears to have sat down with Jorge, the couple didn’t meet on Facebook as they originally said. Instead, Ryan says that Anfisa met Jorge on a cam girl site. And it looks like there’s a video of Anfisa’s “performance” on Pornhub.

And, below is a tweet for proof from Stevie Ryan.

Starcasm reports that the couple did meet on a webcam site and that Arkhipchenko has been found on Pornhub in the past.

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