‘Are You the One’ Season 6 Cast Members & Premiere Spoilers 2017

The season 6 premiere of Are You the One? airs tonight at 10:01 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and the contestants are heading into a New Orleans house in hopes of finding their perfect matches, along with winning $1 million. There are 22 singles this season and Terrence J is the acting host this season. Get to know about each of this season’s contestants below, as a new batch of hopefuls take on Are You the One?


Anthony Martin

What's in that red cup bae? 👀 | Meet Anthony from season 6 of #AYTO!

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Martin is 22 and he is from Inglewood, California. During the week, Martin teaches children with learning disabilities and he parties on the weekends. He was a college athlete and he loves to party. He says that he has an issue with ignoring red flags and says that she has a psycho ex. Now he’s on Tinder.

Clinton Moxam

Moxam is 21 years old and comes from Palm Bay, Florida. His nickname is “Big Sexy” and he says that he draws a lot of attention to himself. He also says that he falls too fast for girls and he wants a girl who reminds him of his mother. If a girl does not know how to cook, Moxam says he doesn’t know if there’s a future in their relationship. He hopes to one day be a good role model.

David Shad

🎶Waves on swim so they hate on him🎶 Meet @Dave_Shad! #AYTO

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Shad is a 24-year-old from San Diego, California. He is obsessed with himself and says that other people consider him to be a “dickhead”. Shad says he’s never been cheated on and hopes to find the “girl version” of himself. He is a perfectionist and wants everything in a relationship to be perfect as well. He wants to find someone to open up to and grow with … so he says.

Dimitri Valentin

@dimitrivalentin_ is literally body goals 💪✨ | #AYTO6 is COMING 💥

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Valentin is 26 and is a native of Playa del Rey, California. He says he’s a bit immature when it comes to love and he loves to be active. He says he’s always been the nice guy and women often overlook him. Valentin says he is sometimes shy around girls and that he needs more confidence in his dating life.

Ethan Cohen

Cohen is 27 years old and hails from Sonoma, California. He’s an independent hip-hop artist and says he has a problem with confidence when it comes to relationships. He jokes that his music career is “the only thing that gets him laid”. Cohen is a bit of a jokester.

Joe Torgerson

Look up, say cheese Joe! 😁 #AYTO

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Torgerson is age 23 and comes from Portland, Oregon. He says that he pretty much grew up in a cult and he was set free at 16 years old. For work, he grows medical marijuana and he says he’s pretty clueless when it comes to girls.

Kareem Fathalla

Just go ahead and take that shirt off, Kareem. I don't mind 😏 #AYTO

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Fathalla is 23 and is from Avenel, New Jersey. He says that he is hot-headed and he comes from a home that had a lot of issues between his parents. He says that he’s brought his father’s bad habits into his relationships. He often looks for all physical qualities, which is not the way to go.

Keith Klebacher

Killin' it in LA #DaddysHome #ayto

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Klebacher is 24 and comes from Manchester, New Jersey. When it comes to dating, he finds himself involved with a lot of crazy girls. He says that he thinks he attracts psychos because he is a “dick”. Klebacher says he’s a loyal guy in relationships.

Malcolm Drummer

Drummer is a 25-year-old from West Palm Beach, Florida. He is a “recovering player” and loves a good booty. He says that females are his weakness and that he doesn’t want to be a player, but that it’s hard to turn down women. His father has five children and four baby mamas, so he says he does not want to end up like his dad.

Michael Johnson

Johnson is age 21 and hails from the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. He is the “heartbreak kid” and he says that he often opens up to the girls who don’t want him for him. He says that he feels awkward when people compliment him, he reads poetry and he’s very sensitive. He also loves painting. Unfortunately, he says he has bad judgment when it comes to girls.

Tyler Colon

I like your panda undies, Tyler 🐼 #AYTO

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Colon is 21 years old and is from Los Angeles, California. He has a problem with being in the friend zone because he’s a nice guy. He enjoys playing the piano and singing when he isn’t struggling to figure out where he goes wrong in his love life.


Alexis Eddy

Get yourself (red)y to meet Alexis from the new season of #AYTO 💋

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Eddy is 21 and is a native of Mannington, West Virginia. She is a man-eater and she finds her hometown to be very boring. She was prom queen and a cheerleader. Plus, she loves to be the center of attention. In her small town, there are very limited options, so she dates the same guy off and on. Unfortunately, he wants her to settle down and be like a housewife. Her big fear is being rejected.

Alivia Hunter

Hunter is a 21-year-old girl from Charleston, South Carolina. She loves a bad boy and enjoys hitting up music festivals whenever she can. She’s currently studying architecture and she is outspoken. In addition, she says she is a sucker for a hot guy and is immature.

Audrey Diaz


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Diaz is 23 and is from Middletown, New York. She says she wears love goggles and she often has edgy, crazy, bad boys as boyfriends. She used to be chubby and gained a lot of weight in college, so she used to be very self-conscious. Diaz lets people walk all over her in relationships.

Diandra Delgado

😍 Diandra 😍 #AYTO

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Delgado is 21 years old and comes from Teaneck, New Jersey. She calls herself the “second chance queen” and she loves to dance to Spanish music. She catches feelings very fast and has a habit of rushing into relationships. Delgado says that she scares people away with her aggressiveness when she doesn’t get the attention she wants from a man.

Geles Rodriguez

Rodriguez is 23 and is from the city of Los Fresnos, Texas. She says that she is a chameleon dater and that she enjoys the games and the chase in relationships. She is a former cheerleader, who has also posed for calendars. She says that she was in a relationship with someone who, one day told her he got married to a guy. And, that was the end of the relationship. She hopes to feel loved.

Jada Allen

The mirror selfie is an art form ✨ Meet Jada! #AYTO

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Allen is age 21 and is from Union City, New Jersey. Her main problem is being the “forever fling” in the eyes of men. She has been the “other woman” in the past and she wants to be someone’s main girl. She also says that her vagina is the best thing about her and that she gives men “what they want” in order to keep them. She says she has a fear of being alone because she grew up “ugly”.

Keyana Land

Keyana got the selfie game on lock! 🔒 #AYTO

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Land is 23 years old and is native to Boyertown, Pennsylvania. She says she “falls fast and furious” and works in a hair salon for a living. She previously had a long-distance relationship with a guy from the dating app Tinder. Unfortunately, she found out the guy was cheating on her. She says she was blinded by his good looks and she has a pattern of thinking she can fix guys.

Nicole Spiller

Well hello there Nicole 👋 #AYTO

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Spiller is 21 and comes from Medway, Massachusetts. She says her problem is that she loves and hates a clinger. In her previous relationship, her boyfriend at the time stopped having sex with her and she became self-conscious. She says she’s confident but doesn’t demand respect for herself. Spiller hopes to one day be in broadcast journalism.

Nurys Mateo

Mateo is a 22-year-old and she is from Portland, Maine. Her problem is being a side chick and she doesn’t like cuddling for intimacy. She says she always assumes the worst when she’s dating someone and she doesn’t like to be vulnerable.

Uche Nwosu

Nwosu is 23 and is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Growing up, she says that she was sheltered, she went to church twice a week and her parents were traditional Nigerian. She calls herself the queen of bad decisions. She previously dated a football player and he cheated on her with multiple people. She also dated a rapper who did the same.

Zoe Pugh

💋 Zoe 💋 #AYTO

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Pugh is a 22-year-old and hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania. She says that Playboy wrote an article about her being the hottest college girl in America and now she’s gained some attention on Instagram. She says she is a bit of a push-over and she also gets crazy when she thinks a guy doesn’t like her. Pugh says she wants a boyfriend who wants a solid relationship and she hopes to move away from childish habits.

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