‘Big Brother 19’ Winner: Who Won BB19 Finale Tonight? – Live Recap

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The finale of Big Brother 19 took place tonight and the person who the jury members voted as the winner is … Josh Martinez.

At the start of tonight’s finale episode of Big Brother, the show began with Josh Martinez, Christmas Abbott, and Paul Abrahamian still in the mix. With a broken foot, Abbott has had to sit out some physical competitions, but tonight, she went into the HOH competition “pumped.” But, Abrahamian and Martinez were scheming that they wanted to be in the final competition together. Unfortunately for Martinez, he had difficulty in the HOH competition and was the first of the three contestants to be out. Abrahamian ended up winning the HOH.

This meant that Abbott and Martinez had to go head to head for the final spot against Abrahamian. And, in the second competition, Martinez won HOH part 2 but just seven minutes. Abbott had a time of one hour and 39 minutes, while Martinez had an hour and 32.

After the jury members argued and deliberated, Abrahamian and Martinez went up against each other in a Big Brother trivia game. Martinez ended up winning the game, which meant he got to choose whether Abrahamian or Abbott moves forward in the finale with him. After contemplating a decision, Martinez said that he’s made enemies in the jury house and he felt he had the best chance of going up against Abrahamian because Abbott was the kinder of the two. He definitely was emotional about sending a friend home.

Soon, the two finalists had to face the jury and their round of questioning. Both Abrahamian and Martinez had to defend themselves, trying to persuade the jury members that they were each deserving of the $500,000 win tonight. They each pleaded their cases before the jury members were set to put in their individual votes.

And, the majority of the votes by the jury members went to Josh Martinez by just one vote, which means that he is the winner of Big Brother 19.