Biggie Smalls’ Widow Faith Evans & His Kids

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Tonight is the premiere of the documentary Biggie: The Life of the Notorious BIG, with Biggie Smalls’ widow Faith Evans starring in the project. Get to know more about Evans and the two children who Smalls left behind when he died.


Faith Evans, Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls Kids, Biggie Smalls Son, Biggie Smalls Daughter, Biggie Smalls Widow, Faith Evans

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Faith Evans and Biggie Smalls were married from 1994 until Smalls’ death in 1997, when he was killed in a drive-by shooting. Evans first met Smalls at a Bad Boy photo shoot, but their relationship was said to be very turbulent. Smalls was rumored to have cheated and to have carried on relationships with female rappers including Lil’ Kim and Charli Baltimore. At the time of Smalls’ death, he and Evans were separated and she was reportedly dating a man named Todd Russaw.

Recently, Evans had been reported as dating Stevie J, who many know from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but the couple broke up months ago.


Christopher Jordan Wallace, aka CJ, was named after his father Christopher George Latore Wallace, more commonly known as the late Biggie Smalls. Christopher was born on October 29, 1996, as he was less than five months old when his father was killed. His mother is music artist Faith Evans.

CJ has been following in his parents’ footsteps as part of the entertainment industry. He’s been appearing in movies and participating in music projects as well. CJ also played a young version of his late father in 2009’s Notorious and talked about the experience to Vibe, saying:

When I did ‘Notorious,’ my grandma, Ms. [Voletta] Wallace, told me that I should come in and read for the part as my father. Honestly, I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to do it because it seemed so likely for me to do it, like Biggie’s son is going to play Biggie. After I had my acting coach and really read through it, I started to find out things that I didn’t know about him. Then I took more of an interest into it. It was actually fun, going out to New York, living like him, going into his old apartment, doing what he did. It was cool.

CJ Wallace’s net worth, inherited from his father, is estimated at $50 million.


T’yanna Wallace was 3 years old when her father was killed and today she is a graduate of Penn State. Wallace’s mother is Jan Jackson, who was Biggie Smalls’ high school sweetheart. In an interview with XXL Magazine, Jackson opened up about her relationship with Smalls and talked about how they first met. Jackson revealed:

We grew up a block apart in Bed-Stuy, but we never met until January of 1990. I came out of the subway from work and I stopped to use the phone and he approached. “I always see you getting off the train, you always so serious-why don ‘t you smile? “He came in the telephone booth with me, and I’m like, “Can you please leave? I don’t know you!” After that, every day when I got off the train, he would walk me up the block to my house.

Jackson also talked about the birth of their daughter T’yanna, saying:

Around the time my daughter was conceived, Chris got his record deal. We weren’t getting along, and I moved back in with my mother. He was working on his album, so we weren’t spending a lot of time together. We finally broke up when my daughter was eight months old. He got married [to Faith Evans] three months later … I was shocked when he got married. Up until that point, I still had hope alive.> He was still coming to see me, we were still interacting with each other. I really thought I was going along for the ride.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, T’yanna Wallace is an aspiring fashion designer.

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