Briana DeJesus’ Ex-Boyfriend Dre on ‘Teen Mom 2’

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Briana DeJesus and her second baby daddy Luis are putting on a brave face at her baby shower on Teen Mom 2. Though they had broken up after Luis was revealed to be cheating on Briana, the two remained cordial and Briana did not want her relatives to know that they were no longer together. So, when Briana has her bridal shower, she invites her family and friends. But, when Briana’s ex-boyfriend shows up, Luis wants to know, “Why is Dre here?”

Briana’s reply was this:

Because he wanted to come. Why is that a problem? We’re not together. Doesn’t matter. We’re friends. He’s not coming as a date, he’s coming as a guest because he wanted to come.

On 16 and Pregnant, DeJesus gave birth to her first child, daughter Nova, who is now 5 years old. Nova’s father is Devoin Austin, but his relationship with DeJesus did not last very long after she became pregnant as a teen mother.

As far as Stella’s father goes, he is 8 years older than DeJesus and his name is Luis. DeJesus said that when she met Luis, she told him about her past of being on television, but she asked him to never watch any of her shows.

Last year, DeJesus made headlines after getting what she called a “mommy makeover,” which was her getting butt implants, breast implants and a labiaplasty, according to Us Weekly.

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