‘Broad City’ Season 4 Premiere: When Does the Show Return?

Broad City is finally back with its season 4 premiere, airing tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30pm ET/PT.

Fans who hope that Broad City will be keeping away from all-things politics shouldn’t hold their breath. Abbi and Ilana made their support for Hillary last season a clear theme, and that will carry over to season 4. In an interview with USA Today, Ilana said, “We wrote (Season 4) being like, ‘Here we go! Hillary for president!’ [But after] this game-show host became president of our country, we rewrote a lot.” She added a very important tidbit– Trump’s name will never actually be said. It will be bleeped out. “There’s no airtime for this orange [person].”

Season 4 will also bring with it some exciting guest stars, like Ru Paul and Hannibal Buress, who will be reprising his role as Lincoln. Wanda Sykes and Steve Buscemi will also appear in some episodes.


CHANNEL: Comedy Central

DURATION: 30 min

Abbi Jacobson
Ilana Glazer
Hannibal Buress
Paul W. Downs
John Gemberling
Arturo Castro
Stephen Schneider
Chris Gethard
Nicole Drespel
Eliot Glazer
Susie Essman
Bob Balaban

In their recent review of the new edition of the series, The Ringer writes, “The good news is that Glazer, Jacobson, and the rest of the Broad City crew seem aware of the hurdles they face and have pushed themselves into new territory accordingly. Broad City’s fourth season is the most grounded the show’s ever been, infused with a newfound sense of maturity but still able to reach new heights of live-action-cartoon absurdism when it needs to.”

Be sure to catch the season 4 premiere tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30pm ET/PT.

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