Dean Unglert Dumps Danielle Lombard for Kristina Schulman?

Dean Unglert was a fan-favorite cast member on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette and now all the girls have been swooning for him on Bachelor in Paradise … They are also ready to smack him in the face, as Alexis Waters told the cameras on an episode this season. America has been watching Unglert juggle two relationships and they have not been reacting to him well on social media. Even his fellow cast members think he’s been making a mistake with two of the other cast members – Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard. Previously, Schulman felt so disrespected by Unglert’s relationship with Lombard that she ended up leaving the show.

Tonight, Unglert has the opportunity to explore a relationship with Lombard on the finale, but it sounds like he may have fallen for Schulman.

When Unglert got involved with Kristina Schulman from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor on BIP4, fellow cast members saw a romance build between them. But soon, Unglert backed off, telling Schulman he wanted to slow down their relationship. Schulman finds herself falling for Dean Unglert … but she isn’t the only one. Schulman’s love triangle with Unglert and another former Bachelor contestant named Danielle Lombard ended up being one of the biggest dramas of the season.

Danielle Lombard showed up in Paradise and Unglert gave her the rundown on his semi-relationship with Schulman, but he proves open to going on a date with her. Of course, this is upsetting to Schulman. But, Unglert returns from the date and makes up with her, showing her attention and cuddling with her in front of the other cast members. Out of nowhere, Unglert gets up and brings over a “half birthday cake” for Lombard and flirts with her for the rest of the night. The other cast members are thrown and try to console Schulman, who retreats to her room, left feeling disrespected. But, this isn’t the only time that Schulman is upset by Unglert. One night after Unglert has sex with Schulman, he makes out with Lombard in the pool, unaware that Schulman is watching the two of them.

A fed up and hurt Schulman leaves paradise at the following rose ceremony.

According to Reality Steve, ultimately, Unglert tells Lombard that he has fallen for Schulman even though she has left the show. But, it looks like there may be no future for either couple … Or, is there? Reality Steve reports that Unglert still talks to both of the girls …