READ: Demi Lovato Tweets About Her Sexuality

Demi Lovato lesbian Getty

Demi Lovato took to Twitter on Wednesday to post about her sexuality, which has been the topic of many gossip rags for the past week or so.

The rumors and chatter started earlier this month when the “Confident” singer was spotted holding hands with Lauren Abedini on a trip to Disneyland. You can see a photo below.

Since then, Lovato’s sexuality has been in question — but it’s something that she simply doesn’t feel the need to make a fuss over.

“I just feel like everyone’s always looking for a headline and they always want their magazine or TV show or whatever to be the one to break what my sexuality is. I feel like it’s irrelevant to what my music is all about. I stand up for the things that I believe in and the things that I’m passionate about, but I like to keep my personal life as private as possible when it comes to dating and sexuality and all that stuff just because it has nothing to do with my music. Unfortunately, we live in a world where everyone is trying to get that soundbite and I am purposefully not giving the soundbite. Watch my documentary,” Lovato recently told Pride Source.

You can read her tweets from today below.

Lovato’s documentary Simply Complicated will air on YouTube on October 12. It’s in that documentary that fans are thinking that Lovato will come out. However, Lovato has made it quite clear that she’s not going to label herself for the sake of the media, the public, or anyone else, for that matter.

You can see a preview of Lovato’s documentary below.

Lovato broke things off with her long-term boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, in the summer of 2016. The two remain great friends, but decided that it was best to end their romantic relationship. Lovato has since dated a couple of MMA fighters, but has not gone public with a relationship over the past four months.


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