Meet Frankie Muniz’s Girlfriend Paige Price

Frankie Muniz is an award-winning actor and race car driver, who is now a contestant on season 25 of Dancing With the Stars. But, what is Muniz’s dating life like? Get to know more about Muniz and his girlfriend Paige Price by checking out their best photos.

Zaaaaamn, that Rican cut got my man lookin all fly.

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Price is a model who hails from Scottsdale, Arizona and the two have shown a ton of PDA on Price’s Instagram account. They seem to enjoy traveling and taking on new experiences together.

D-backs, killin it this season! Happy birthday Baxter! 🎂

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Frankie Muniz’s partner on DWTS is Witney Carson and he revealed to her why he’s been out of the acting game for a while. Muniz explained:

I had a crash and broke my back and injured my hands and ribs. I broke my ribs, I broke my back, ankle. I tore my meniscus two months ago. I’m a walking disaster. I’m taking this so seriously. I literally am dedicated to icing, sauna, whatever I can to heal so I’m ready for the next day.

Last season, Carson had Chris Kattan as a partner and he had suffered a great deal of injuries as well over the years.

A few years ago, Muniz was engaged to now ex-fiancee Elycia Marie Turnbow. According to the Daily Mail, Muniz proposed to her in 2011. The Daily Mail also reported that the two had a very volatile relationship, with a 911 call being involved.

Muniz suffered a mini-stroke a couple years ago and he talked about it to FOX News, revealing:

I did [make changes], just to help to prevent it from happening again. I’m a very high-stress person and am all about getting things done. It’s hard for me to just sit down. I’ve tried to force myself to relax, play golf and go for motorcycle rides. I try to eat better, but it’s hard because I love baby back ribs. I’m trying to take it easy.

Recently, Muniz and girlfriend Price were spotted out on a date night, holding hands, in West Hollywood, according to Just Jared Jr. The two dined at the restaurant Craig’s.

According to WhosDatedWho, Muniz has been in several high-profile relationships. He has reportedly dated Ellen Page (2008), Hilary Duff (2002 – 2004) and Amanda Bynes (2002 – 2003). Ellen Page has since come out as gay.

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Fo Realz

The blonde calls Frankie Muniz “daddy”?? (“papi” in spanish…) Oh boy! Do you really want to imagine your father while you have sex with some guy that you use as a substitute? Is she sick in the head? She doesn’t know his track record very well. He moves on after 5 years top, give or take. His problem? He always thinks he “falls in love”.with these vapid model types. Funny how the most goofy looking guys are always so shallow and extremely demanding when it comes to looks for their women. If she puts on 2 lbs, he’s gone. But is he growing taller any time soon? Very odd. He has millions so we understand what they’re doing with him. Papi, haha!!!

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