WATCH: Heather Land’s Video About CrossFitters Goes Viral

It’s pretty hard not to laugh at Nashville-based comedian, Heather Land, who has become known for her “I Ain’t Doin’ It” videos. One of her most recent posts takes aim (all in good fun, of course) at people who get up early to exercise.

The above video was posted on Facebook on September 20, and has garnered over 13 million views. As you can see, Land uses a funny filter with a voice changer that only seems to make the things that she is saying funnier.

“I just wanted to thank all you CrossFitters out there for checking in with us on Facebook at 5 o’clock in the morning. That’s good information to have. You’re better than me,” Land says in her Snapchat post. “I know I could be there, but I didn’t have death penciled into my schedule today so I think I’m gonna pass. Pretty sure Wall Balls and Bear Crawls ain’t how I’m going out. Jesus is taking me home in a cocktail dress, OK? Not my Danskin shorts. I’d rather catch my pinky toe on a bed frame then be caught dead at Crossfit. I ain’t doin it,” Land says.

While this certainly isn’t the first “I Ain’t Doin’ It” video that Land has posted, it’s her most popular by far. The video has been shared on Facebook over 185,000 times.

But why CrossFit? These avid gym-goers are simply relatable, which made for a perfect topic for Land.

“They do it for the same reasons that I post a pic of my awesome hair day — validation. It’s that burning desire to let somebody know, ‘Look! I’ve got it together!'” Land told Us Weekly. “Workout people are secretly my heroes. And the truth is, we all do it. We all essentially ‘check-in’ during the week. We all throw something out there for the world to see. For them, it’s a CrossFit check-in. For somebody else it’s a sushi check-in. Our check-ins are, in a sense, an invitation into our world. We can all relate,” she added.

You can see more of Heather Land’s videos by clicking here.

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