Is Sofia Richie Pregnant or Is She Engaged to Scott Disick?

Sofia Richie pregnant


Scott Disick and Sofia Richie had something to celebrate on Saturday night while in Miami. The pair were hanging out with a group of friends at dinner when Disick’s pal Alec Monopoly took to Snapchat to share some photos and videos from the evening.

There were sparklers and everyone was cheering when a dessert plate was brought out that read, “Congratulations Scott and Sofia.”

Check out a screenshot from Snapchat below.

Sofia Richie pregnant


When the the dessert was brought out, Richie looked a bit embarrassed, covering her face with her hands and laughing. However, Disick was quick to scoop her into his arms and plant a big kiss on her while all of their friends cheered loudly.

“The two were all over each other at a Miami restaurant Saturday night, and it clearly was not a spontaneous event. ┬áThe cake and everything else about it seems like a pre-planned celebration.”

According to TMZ, this could mean that Disick is engaged to Richie. However, it didn’t appear as though she was wearing an engagement ring of any kind and a source told the popular gossip site that the celebration wasn’t for an engagement.

Of course, that leads many to wonder if Richie is pregnant, but that might not be the case either. A source told TMZ that Richie and Disick were just celebrating the fact that they decided to make their relationship official — but that hasn’t been confirmed either.

This celebration comes just a few days after E! News posted a video of an interview that Disick and his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian did with Ryan Seacrest. In that interview, Disick professed his love for Kardashian, saying that she is the only person he has “ever loved.”

“She’s like the only person I’ve ever loved in my life. I think she’s cute and stuff,” Disick said.

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1 Comment


Who really, truly, gives a rat’s a** what or who Disick’s doing anyway? He’s clearly a spoiled, wreckless, overly indulged kid, who refuses to grow up! The only reason any of us know of him, is cause he’s another Kardashian-hanger-oner! I’m frankly, tired of seeing his face & name everywhere! What IS this guy’s talent, anyway? Puleeez!!? ­čśá

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