Kevin Hart’s Net Worth 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Kevin Hart accepts the Favorite Comedic Movie Actor award on January 18, 2017.

Kevin Hart is an actor, producer, and comedian. He is also currently facing extortion. According to TMZ, Hart’s camp was contacted by an anonymous person on Saturday, who released a controversial video of him with a woman. TMZ states that the FBI is on the case.

With the situation continuing to unfold, as well as rumors that Hart has been unfaithful to his current fiancé Eniko Parrish, many are wondering how much the entertainer has in the bank. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hart has an estimated net worth of $120 million.

Learn how he made his money and what he likes to spend it on below:

1. He’s Allegedly Being Extorted for 8 Figures

Law enforcement states that an anonymous person contacted Hart’s camp and released a video that showed him and a woman in a sexually provocative situation. The person demanded a multi-million dollar amount in return for keeping additional evidence under wraps, with TMZ revealing that it reached up to 8 figures. Fortunately for Hart, the FBI believes that they know the identity of the culprit.

TMZ reports that there might be more than one person involved in the extortion case. A source close to the Hart family claims that “Sometimes they seem incredibly sophisticated, and other times they just seem downright dumb.” The woman photographed with Hart says that she knew nothing about it, and is also a victim. Her lawyer contacted stated that she would take a lie detector test, but only if she was paid $420K by Hart’s estate.

On Sunday, September 17th, the extortionist released a statement to TMZ explaining their motive:

The real reason Kevin Hart orchestrated the Texas Hurricane Relief Fund, this so-called good deed was done to get ahead as he knew this damaging footage was one click away from being exposed as the liar and cheater he is. Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him as I have made countless attempts to expose this information to various blogs, in an attempt to also get paid.

2. He’s the Highest-Paid Comedian in the World

In the past four years, Hart’s estimated net worth has grown at a rapid pace. According to Earn That Necklace, the comedian was worth $20 million in 2013, but through comedy tours and endorsements, has increased it by a whopping $100 million.

2016 was a particularly important year for Hart. His concert tour What Now? was a big success, enabling him to take home an estimated $87.5 million. According to Forbes, this made Hart the highest-paid comedian in the world. The second place comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, took in $43.5 million, less than half of Hart’s total gross.

“Only a few comedians are capable of sports arena,” says Pollstar editor Gary Bongiovanni. “Kevin Hart is very much the exception: He is doing arenas everywhere; his comedy transcends the borders of this country.” Bongiovanni also marveled at Hart’s success in 2016, saying “Hart sold over a million tickets in a year, I don’t know how long it’s been since a comedian did that.”

In addition to touring, Hart has made an estimated $65 million from his theatrically released concert films, with two of them, Laugh at My Pain (2011) and Let Me Explain (2013), ranking in the top 10 highest-grossing of all time.

3. He Has Endorsement Deals With Footlocker & Hyundai

Hart has inked endorsement deals with numerous companies, including Nike, H&M, Hyundai, and Foot Locker. The latter two have used Hart in advertisements and commercials, including the one above with NBA superstar Draymond Green.

“I don’t want to put a cap on what I want to do there,” he told Variety. “This is all new, the fact that I’m endorsed by the most powerful athletic brand [Nike] in the world. Let’s see where it goes, and what relationships unfold.” Hart also collaborated with Nike to release his own “Hustle Hart” sneakers, which, according to Money Nation, earned an additional $8-10 million.

Hart’s manager Dave Becky said the comedian is all about expanding his branding empire. “Think comedic Oprah,” he said, “He’s going to build companies and invest in companies and do the things that Oprah and LeBron James do, where they don’t just do their craft — they create industries.” The Variety interview adds that Hart recently became a pitchman and investor in Tommy John underwear.

In a 2016 interview with Esquire, Hart spoke on how his experiences have made him a sharper businessman:

I’m more educated in the realm of business and what goes into the entertainment. That’s what I think people don’t understand—that term “show business” is real. It’s a business and the more that you develop and the more that you learn it, the more powerful you have the potential of becoming. I’m learning it inside and out, and hopefully putting myself in a position to become a force to be reckoned with for quite some time.

4. His Films Have Made Over $1.5 Billion Worldwide

Hart’s fame in stand-up comedy has lead to similar success on the big screen. According to The Numbers, his films over the past decade have grossed an estimated $1.5 billion worldwide. Hart began his acting career with bit parts in Scary Movie 3 (2003) and Soul Plane (2004), before moving into more substantial roles in comedies like Think Like a Man (2012) and its sequel, Think Like a Man Too (2014). Both films grossed over $70 million.

Hart’s profile has continued to rise in recent years. He starred in Ride Along (2014), which broke the record for highest domestic opening weekend gross in the month of January, taking in $41.5 million. He also starred in the 2016 films Central Intelligence and The Secret Life of Pets, which grossed $270 million and $875 million, respectively.

According to Variety, Hart now commands up to $10 million per film. He is scheduled to appear in the upcoming reboot Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

5. He Has an Extensive Sports Car Collection

Hart’s love for cars dates back to his childhood. “I have always liked cars ever since my older brother, Robert, gave me a 1980 Pontiac Trans-AM,” Hart told Style Celebrity News in 2016. “My first car, my mum couldn’t afford to get me a car. This was when my Dad wasn’t really in my life as much as he should have been. So my brother, he went and mustered up some money and bought me the car. I’ve gotten my brother some cars to date, but nothing is ever going to surpass what he did for me.”

Hart has amassed his own car collection in recent years. According to Earn That Necklace, Hart owns a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, which is priced at $300,000, a Mercedes-Benz G63, which costs around $150,000 MSR, and a custom Ford Explorer, which costs around $30,000.

“Man, where do I start,” Hart told Forbes when asked about the Explorer, “I love the redesign, inside and out! It’s so stylish. Frankly, I feel like a super model when I drive it. The technology is incredible. From the mobile hot spot to the terrain management.” Check out an advertisement featuring Hart above.

Hart’s crown jewel, however, according to Dub Magazine, is a 1967 Mustang he calls Eleanor, which took two years to restore. “That one’s done up from top to bottom and has all the bells and whistles,” he explains. “But come to think of it, I did one bad thing; I can’t drive stick so I made it automatic…don’t laugh at me.”

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