Laura Helm, Usher’s Second Accuser: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Another accuser in the Usher STD case has been identified. According to TMZ, a Georgia-based woman by the name of Laura Helm has come forward after making serious claims against the R&B star.

Not much is known about Helm at this time, who appears to be a ghost on social media. This may have been pre-planned before she went public in an effort to keep as much of her life as private as possible.

In the state of California, it is “illegal to knowingly or recklessly transmit an STD,” according to People Magazine.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Helm Claims She Had 2 Sexual Encounters with Usher

Laura Helm Usher

Helm came forward a little over a month after Usher’s first accuser. According to court documents, Helm claims to have had two sexual encounters with the “More” singer.

Helm claims that Usher’s behavior was very odd. The first time that they were together, she claims that he “ran into the bathroom,” according to TMZ. The second time that she and Usher were together, Helm claims that they did not use protection. This encounter was on April 16, 2017, in Atlanta, according to the court documents. A short time later, Helm noticed a couple of strange bumps on her body.

“[An] unusual bump appeared on the inside of Plaintiff’s cheek and an unusual bump the size of a pea that was painful to the press touch on Plaintiff’s vagina,” the court documents read, according to Radar Online.

2. Helm Is Suing Usher for $20 Million & Identified Herself After Claiming that Usher Was Purposely Stalling the Case

Laura Helm Usher


Helm claims that she got tested after hearing that Usher had admitted to having herpes in court documents associated with another case. Helm was diagnosed with herpes simplex 2, according to an earlier report from TMZ.

Helm had originally sought $10 million from Usher, but has since increased that amount to $20 million. Helm is seeking that amount to help with “emotional harm, medical bills and punitive damages.”

According to Radar Online, Helm decided to go public because she claims that Usher was stalling the case because she was listed as “Jane Doe” on court documents.

3. Usher Has Denied Any & All Claims that He Had Relations with any of His Accusers & Denies Giving Them an STD

Laura Helm Usher

Usher has hired lawyers Laura Wassar and Zia Modabber to represent him in this case. According to People Magazine, he has denied any and all allegations brought against him.

“[Usher] claims that if sexual contact did take place with his accusers, there wasn’t any intent to harm. ‘Any alleged conduct by Defendant, which is expressly denied, was unintentional,’ the filing says. [It] also says that they ‘assumed the risk of any alleged harm’ by engaging in sexual contact. He further accuses the three individuals of ‘unclean hands,’ meaning that they’ve committed some sort of wrongdoing or are liable for an offense themselves, in the document,” reports People Magazine.

4. Quantasia Sharpton Was First to Reveal Her Identity

Quantasia Sharpton Usher

Press Conference Screen Grab

A woman by the name of Quantasia Sharpton came forward back in August after filing a lawsuit against Usher. Sharpton took part in a press conference with high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom in which she spoke openly about the case. Sharpton tested negative for Herpes, but she still feels as though her “rights were violated,” claiming that Usher did not tell her that he had an STD before having a sexual encounter with her.

“I feel that my rights were violated. I’m speaking out today on behalf of myself and others, some of whom are positive and embarrassed to speak out publicly. I am doing this so he does not do this to anyone else,” Sharpton said during last month’s press conference.

5. A Third Accuser — a Man — Is Also Involved in this Lawsuit

Laura Helm Usher

In total, three people are being represented by Bloom in this case. Sharpton, Helm, and one male all claim to have had relations with Usher without knowing that he had an STD.

The court documents filed in August had originally listed “Jane Doe” and “John Doe” for the other two people involved in the case who wished to remain private. Bloom has said that one of these three accusers does have herpes, and it’s now clear that the infected person is Helm.

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