‘Masterchef’ Season 8 Winner: Who Won the 2017 Finale Tonight?

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Dino Angelo Luciano, Eboni Henry, and Jason Wang were the three contestants left to enter tonight’s finale episode of Masterchef, but only one could walk away a winner. Which of the three home cooks took the win tonight?

And the winner is … Dino Luciano.

The episode started out with the show’s cast-offs, along with the finalists’ family members, watching the competition from the balcony.

To help score tonight’s finale contestants, former cast member Joe Bastianich returned to the show as a guest judge for the night.

For the big battle:

Wang’s appetizer was an Uni custard with poached prawns, Henry prepared pan-seared scallops with rainbow chard and romanesco, and Luciano created a squid ink angel hair pasta dish with calamari.

Starting off with Jason Wang, the judges tasted his appetizer dish, which Wang described as himself “on a plate”. While the judges found the texture of the custard to not be spot on, they loved the flavors and found the presentation to be impressive.

Next up was Eboni Henry’s scallop dish and Chef Ramsey found that his scallops were under-cooked, though he found the rest of the dish as lovely. The other judges agreed.

Lastly, was Luciano, who initially said his dish was perfect and just the way he wanted it. The judges felt his dish was visually beautiful and was delicious. Guest judge Joe Bastianich said that Luciano’s dish was completely authentic and amazing.

Next up were the main courses. Henry chose to make a spiced honey-glaze duck breast and collard greens, Wang decided upon a tofu skin-wrapped black cod with a cucumber sauce, and Luciano picked to do a rack of lamb on a soft lamb belly. When the judges got to taste the dishes, Jason Wang was up first again and the judges found his dish to be delicious. Next up, was Luciano, who presented his lamb dish with less confidence than his appetizer portion. Fortunately, Luciano’s lamb came out a “perfect medium rare” for all four of the judges. There were some critiques about the dish, but ultimately, the judges were impressed. Gordan Ramsay was the most critical of the dish.

Eboni Henry was the last cook to present her entree. Unfortunately, a couple of the judges’ duck dishes came out extremely rare. The duck was under-cooked, but the judges felt the flavors were delicious.

For the final course, which is dessert, Luciano decided to make a roasted pistachio tiramisu, which was dedicated to his mother, who loves tiramisu. Harvey chose to make a chocolate orbit cake for her dessert dish and Jason Wang made a black sesame Japonaise with a mousse. Wang was very emotional and overcome by the opportunity to be in the final.

When Luciano presented his dessert course to the judges, they loved it, but insisted that it was not a traditional tiramisu. Ramsay called it “weirdly delicious.” Henry got rave reviews from the judges over her cake, and Christina Tosi called it incredible. Wang was the last up and the judges enjoyed his “well-seasoned” dessert.

And, after deliberating, the judges re-entered the Masterchef kitchen and revealed the winner to be … Dino Luciano.


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Nina Smith

Loved Dino he was so humble snd a very good cook. Congratulations Dino!!


The correct person won. This young man is an extremely talented cook & has a very bright future ahead of him. Hats off to Dino👍

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