‘Rick and Morty’: Evil Morty Theories & Character History Recap

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Evil Morty is one of fans’ favorite characters in the Rick and Morty universe. He’s a very complicated character who is likely hiding a pretty convoluted past. This is why fans like to talk about him all the time, whether he’s on the show or not. In case you need a refresher on the Evil Morty plot, here’s a look back on the character’s history on the show, along with some top fan theories about him.

This article has major spoilers through Season 3 Episode 7 of Rick and Morty, “The Ricklantis Mixup.” Only read on if you’re caught up on the show. 

Evil Morty’s History on ‘Rick and Morty’

Evil Morty first appeared in Season 1 in Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind. He had taken control of a Rick using a transmitter hidden under his eyepatch. In that episode, he killed 27 Ricks and captured and tortured many Mortys in order to keep his location a secret. When “his” Rick is killed by a group of Mortys, the Council of Ricks rescue him. But during an autopsy of the character we now call Evil Rick, a Rick notices that Rick was being remotely controlled. Evil Morty then removes his patch and blends in with the horde of Rickless Mortys, escaping.

His next appearance was on The Ricklantis Mixup, which just aired. In this episode, Morty won a democrat election in the Citadel of Ricks. He’s now President. He ran as an “anti-establishment” type of candidate who was representing the poor, downtrodden Ricks and Mortys. During an interview, he was asked about his Rick, and he sidestepped the question, basically saying they were all on the same team. In the end, he murdered every Rick in a council who believed he wouldn’t change anything, because they were the ones who were truly in control.

During the episode, his campaign manager was tipped off to his true identity by an undercover Rick. He was given files with Evil Morty’s photos and true identity. But the campaign manager Morty was killed before anyone would listen to him.

Evil Morty Origin Theories

One of the biggest mysteries about Evil Morty is his end goal. What is his motivation and what does he want to accomplish? Of course, everyone is assuming his endgame is evil. But we don’t actually know what he’s trying to do. There could be a twist somewhere, and he might not have the worst of intentions after all. (Although he certainly tortured a lot of Mortys to get to where he is, which many fans would argue is enough proof that his endgame is evil.) He is, to borrow a term from Game of Thrones, “breaking the wheel” at the Citadel of Ricks, which may not be such a bad thing considering how people were treated there. But was all that anti-establishment stuff just a means to an end?

We also don’t know Evil Morty’s past and how he came to be this way. Many fans have one theory in common: they think that Evil Morty was our Rick’s original Morty, and our C-137 Rick had to abandon him and come to our Morty’s dimension.

It’s certainly possible. Rick was gone from Beth’s life for about 20 years when he returned. And our current Beth isn’t even the show’s original Beth. Since we already know that Rick has abandoned his family in the past for a different dimension family, there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t have done the same thing at some point in the past to Evil Morty. Further supporting this theory is the time that Rick’s memory was scanned, and we saw a memory of him with a baby Morty. If Rick was gone for 20 years, he would have missed our Morty’s baby years. So he spent time with a baby Morty in some other universe, maybe it was Evil Morty.

Here’s the scene with the memory:

There are multiple theories about what happened. Some believe that the simple act of abandoning Morty is what turned him evil. Others think that Rick did something during their adventures — or something happened — to turn that Morty evil, and Rick is actively trying to avoid that happening with our Morty. Or maybe he’s trying to atone for the sins of his past by forming a bond with our Morty. There’s also another theory: that Rick is bonding with this Morty as a way of “training” him to eventually be a worthy foe of Evil Morty.

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I believe the “evil” Morty was in fact our RIck’s original Morty and although I also feel he has become jaded/evil from most likely being abandoned I feel we should acknowledge the various times Rock has hinted at Morty being a powerful force. For example: right before Evil Morty was revealed on the Rick-counters episode, you hear our Rick tell c137 Morty “you don’t want to know what happens to a Morty when he becomes too full of himself… I’ll tell you someday.” Then there are the numerous times Morty has demonstrated his capability for destruction (the purge, the post apocalyptic death matches, and of course Ethan). This makes me believe that both Morty from C-137 and evil Morty are both on the spectrum of Morty at his absolute capability, but I’m guessing Evil Morty got out of hand and Rick (despite having affection for him) abandoned him for the greater good, which could explain his weird attachment to this Morty


My guess is that evil Morty is the result of a Rickest Rick that was around all his life and actually cared for him. Teaching him, showing him things and having an active role in being a positive role model. Basically the opposite to what he is now. This is why this Evil Morty clearly very clever and this is why Rickest Rick is (to qoute birdperson) “wubalubadubdub”. In great pain, a catchphrase that is exclusive to the Rickest Rick. I think it’s guilt that he created a monster and that’s why he’s the Rick that’s always wasted. I’d assume hat he possibly even thought he killed him before coming into Our Morty’s timeline. No other Ricks are as barf stained as him and make a show of being as uncaring. It’s all a show so he doesn’t have to face it. Its amazing how it’s been hinted to throughout the three seasons (there are clues everywhere) and the reason Rick and Morty is up the with Bojack Horseman as one of the best animated shows ever.

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