Tony Raines Cheats on Girlfriend & Baby Mama Alyssa Giacone on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’

MTV’s The Challenge star Tony Raines got himself into some serious hot water this season when he cheated on his (now ex) girlfriend and second baby mama Alyssa Giacone. Raines was shown hooking up with former enemy Camila Nakagawa on the show and it’s clear that Raines’ actions had major consequences in his personal life. After a sneak peek of the hook up aired last week, Giacone took to Twitter, writing:

I may not wake up with a man but I wake up with coffee doesn’t lie about a cell phone or kissing other women on TV … I’m not bashing him! He did it to himself! It’s going to be on TV and he will have to explain that to his children! All it takes is one moment to ruin your entire life!

Giacone is the mother of Raines’ eight-month-old daughter Isla and Raines is also the father of a 16-month-old Harper, whose mother is The Real World: Skeletons star Madison Walls-Channing.

When Raines is hooking up with Nakagawa during filming, fellow castmate Cara Maria Sobello exclaims:

What are you doing, Tony?! You’re the one with the mom and the kid at home and this is what you’re gonna do on national television?

Cast member Johnny Devenanzio also told the cameras that:

I think people think they sit in the back of the bus and they somehow turn invisible. Just cause you’re drunk doesn’t mean you’re invisible!

Clearly, Raines was not invisible that night.

Alyssa Giacone was Raines’ high school sweetheart and she appears to get along well with Raines’ other baby mama. Walls-Channing posted a photo of them hanging out with Raines’ two daughters just last month on Instagram. Check out the pic below.

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