Which Artists Got ‘Signed’ on Vh1’s Series?

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Getty Rick Ross attends Rick Ross' 40th Birthday Celebration on January 28, 2016 in Fayetteville, Georgia.

On tonight’s finale of Signed, Rick Ross (Maybach Music Group), The-Dream (Radio Killa Records), and Lenny S (Roc Nation) decided which artists they are signing and which they’re passing on.

This season, the talented artists of Signed went through a series of challenges and workshops all in preparation for their final showcase, which fans witnessed on tonight’s finale. Some were able to impress the music moguls. Others– not so much.

Artists Who Got Signed:
Jeff “Haitian Mufasa” Chery was signed to Maybach Music Group

Jvoti scored an internship with Roc Nation

Tay Walker was signed to Maybach Music Group

Marcellus Juvann signed to both Radio Killa and Roc Nation

CozyWithTheCurls won a single deal with Maybach Music Group

Just Brittany won a single deal with Maybach Music Group

Bria signed with Radio Killa Records. They also agreed to get her a car.

Over the course of the season, contestants had the opportunity to meet surprise collaborators like Meek Mill, DJ Khaled, and Bangladesh. In an interview with the music greats ahead of the season premiere, Billboard asked why they ultimately agreed to join Signed. Lenny S said, “Well, two reasons, man. One, I definitely had to feel comfortable with who I was going to do this with. When I heard that The-Dream and Ross were the other executives/artists/bosses or whatever you want to call it, I was 100% in. And then, the second reason was what we were doing. We were helping to put artists on, give new artists exposure and give them an opportunity of a lifetime, if they did what they had to do. So those were really the main two reasons.”

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